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Month: June 2022

Technology and innovation have come quite ahead. Now, you get the opportunity to hire a time-based Uber that can be available as per your demands. Also, you can explore around and hang out as much as you want and yet know that your Uber will stick around! Isn’t that cool enough? This tends to be a great option for tourists new to a city, business owners who have multiple meetings, or even senior citizens who need to be taken for health check-ups. The uber car hire tends to be the right solution to everyone’s travel worry. Also, it is economical this you do not have to shell out too much from your pocket!

What are a few things that you should know before hiring an Uber?

Well, if you are new to traveling by an Uber then you will have some questions in mind. Here, we have listed out some of the queries that you might have.

How can you pay the driver-partner?

If you are hiring Uber then you will have to pay only in cash. Right now, they haven’t included any other mode of payments. Also, you can pay the driver-partner when your journey comes to an end. The amount that needs to be paid will reflect on the driver partner’s phone screen once your trip ends!

Are there any timings for the hire?

Well, no. There are no specific timings available and thus you get the opportunity to hire the vehicle as and when you want. This implies that the hire available 24×7.

Hire An Uber

Will you have to pay for the tolls?

Yes, you will be asked to pay for the tolls as well but this will be included in the final fare that you will pay at the end of your trip. Thus, this has to be paid directly to your driver-partner in cash.

Are there any cancellation charges?

Yes, there are applicable cancellation charges. But you can cancel your cab within 5 minutes after you have booked it. Post that you will have to pay Rs.150/-

How can you pay for parking?

If you have to pay for parking then that will have to be paid separately to your driver-partner. Also, there are no extra charges for fuel as that is being taken care of.

These days car hire is an efficient and economical mode to travel around and get your work done without much hassle. Everything is conveniently available to you but you should be smart enough to use the resources wisely. If you feel there is any fraud happening, immediately report to the authority so that you do not get into any further trouble. Be safe and alert while traveling!