A personal day for you

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When it comes to taking paid time off in America, the reality is stark. Personal days can be used for things like military duty, religious holidays, caring for a sick child, jury duty, or, well, for things that are truly personal.

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However, the lack of clarity of what falls under that umbrella can make asking for one difficult for many people. According to a report by employee-engagement firm O. Tanner, a whopping 79 percent of all U. Our brains and bodies need the downtime to be our most productive.

If you're a work martyr who is still finding it difficult to justify asking for a personal day?

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Then just do the math. Of course, unless your personal day is a last-minute emergency, plan for your absence responsibly. People need time off to recharge—and nearly percent of us come back stronger than ever. One of the defining principles of paid time off is the off part. That means PTO is not spent constantly checking s, ing calls, or touching base with the office! Finally, the key to the successful use of personal days is knowing how to ask for them.

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Instead, posit it as a plus for your employer, because it truly is. Need help navigating the ins and outs of workplace rules? Monster for free and get weekly updates with expert advice on career development, how to tackle a toxic workplace, and how to find a new job. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon.

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Search Career Advice. Laura J. Vogel, Monster contributor. Taking a personal day can make you more productive.

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A personal day for you

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