Always enjoy meeting new people

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Meeting people for friendship is what citysocializer is all about and we are the experts in helping people make new friends and expand their social circle.

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While we already know how to meet new people, we wanted to find out what it is exactly that people enjoy when meeting people for friendship, so we went out in the street and talked to lots of different kinds of people, from different backgrounds, different ages and different social groups. We were astonished to find out that the majority of the people we talked to particularly enjoy meeting people who are different than them.

Learning more about the people around you helps you expands your horizons and understand the bigger picture of life as a whole. Meeting new people for friendship means that you get to start hanging out and spending time together.

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We found out that part of the appeal of a new friendship is that you get to try out new hobbies and have new experiences. Your new friends will show you what they enjoy doing in their free time and you will show them your favourite activities too so you both get new fun things to do, which otherwise you may have not thought of trying out before.

On the opposite side, several people mentioned how they like sharing their own story when meeting new friends and finding common ground when they meet someone new. All of these commonalities help you connect with new people and know that you are not alone because there are people like you who understand you and you can talk to.

Some of the people we talked to mentioned that meeting new friends is a great way to combat depression, because it gets rid of any feelings of loneliness and you know there is someone to turn to when you need them. Finding out their goals in life, what they wish to achieve and what motivates them was something they believe is quite important when you start a new friendship. Being able to find shared values through that and even motivate each other to chase after your goals was something that people considered quite important. We were told that several of our interviewees like being able to look up to their friends and that the purpose of new friendships is to make Always enjoy meeting new people a better person.

Knowing that being friends will help you both in your life makes you more willing to work for the friendship, as you know that what is best for your friend is also best for you. In the end, meeting new people for friendship benefits everyone involved, helps you grow as a person and also makes you happier in life and broadens your horizons. With thousands of members and hundreds of socials happening every month, you will have plenty of opportunities to create new friendships and spends fun days and nights out meeting fun groups of new people.

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How To Easily Meet New People Without Bothering Them

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Always enjoy meeting new people

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