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March 08 As these long days of confinement go by, among the many questions from my kids that I am forced to respond to, one particular query from my year-old daughter has been the hardest to answer. This question — which develops into two — has the simplicity inherent to all the hardest questions.

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On the one hand, the reasons for discrimination against women existing have deep sociological roots. I therefore struggled to convey my views on the matter to my daughter without destroying her hope, while teaching a few lessons along the way to my year-old son.

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Brought up by a fairly liberal father and mother in a closed family, where most figures of authority were women, and with a female teacher as a reference, I do not recall having any specific concerns during childhood. However, a ificant part, if not the majority, of the higher performers in my high school classes were female and that continued to be the case at law school.

It was just a matter of time for all those successful girls and young women to reach the peak Any sincere women their careers and assume the leadership roles that would have been consistent with their education and performance. My perception was that by having equal rights legally established for men and women, education and talent would do the rest. Almost two decades have passed since I entered college and, according to the European Commissionthe gender pay gap in the EU today stands at Further to that, there is already relevant data that anticipates that the COVID pandemic will hit women harder as they continue to for the majority of caregivers, at home and in communities, and domestic violence appears to have increased as result of the confinements.

Hence, equal rights and time by themselves do not have transformative power that I anticipated. A simple root cause analysis tells us that culture and social roles play a big part in gender equality. For this reason, education is key but, personally, I am convinced that gender-sensitive policies are the most effective short to medium term tool necessary to promote gender equality in the workplace and in society.

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These can be put in place to instil a desired behaviour and be removed when the goal has been achieved. In companies and firms, diversity and inclusion policies can also play a relevant role.

3 NARCISSIST APOLOGY TYPES WITH EXAMPLES: And Why You Shouldn't Trust Any of Them!

It is action that can protect the girls' hope for equality. This piece was written to mark International Women's Day For help please see our FAQs.

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Catarina Brito Ferreira.

Any sincere women

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