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Every day, people face decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, such as whether or not to use contraceptives or which method to use, how to reduce the risk of infection, how many children to have and when to have them, or how to maintain health under different circumstances, among others. These decisions can be daunting, but we are here to help!

Many individuals do not know that they have a right to information on a range of options. While we cannot make the decisions for you, we can supply you with information that may increase your understanding and knowledge of options.

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Counseling is a skilled process which enables clients to explore concerns, difficulties and problematic areas. Counselling provides the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings, concerns, difficulties and problematic areas with a qualified professional. Clients are respected for who they are, with unconditional, positive regard and acceptance in a non-judgmental environment.

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The process of counseling gives you a clearer understanding of your experience and will assist in identifying existing choices. You learn skills that enable you to take responsibility for your choices, decisions and life; hence, you can achieve a more confident and fulfilling lifestyle.

You identify areas of concerns and difficulties and are empowered with skills to make your own decisions and choices. During your initial visit, your counselor will ask for information regarding medical history.

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She will talk to you about abstinence and safer sex. She will explain methods of birth control, including how each method is used, how it prevents pregnancy, how well it works, and what side effects might occur. She will help you select a birth control method that suits your needs and lifestyle. Any member of the public, male, female or adolescent, can access this confidential service. Adolescents, however, are asked to access it at the Adolescent Health Centre as they specifically target the needs of adolescents there.

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Bahamas women for sex

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