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The insults and even threats are even lower and more primitive and parochial should a female journalist dare in public on social media to state her opinion, especially on politics. Woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, man, woman, man woman, woman … this roughly is the gender composition of most press conferences in this country, whether they are held in state institutions, the government, parliament, ministries, cultural institutions or chambers of commerce.

It would not be wrong to conclude that the questions put to most people giving public statements at press conferences come from women.

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Undoubtedly, women journalists dominate the press, except in sports. Most people in editorial positions are women, as are most columnists.

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Whether men prevail in managerial positions is another matter. But that women journalists greatly influence and contribute to the creation of public opinion in this country is undeniable.

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They are educated, open and honest. They know how to fight and say out loud what they think. They are strong; in a word, individuals. Profiled in this way, they are not such easy targets to attack. Women journalists are tough and know how to handle every situation, which is probably one reason why it can seem as if the routine sexism, insults, qualifications and belittling are not serious.

Women journalists do not easily succumb to pressures, either, to attempts to make them give up what they have decided to investigate and shed light on. In this context, social media has proved a good tool, enabling women journalists to report, call out and critique certain obstructions, without restrictions.

Photo: Courtesy of Mirjana Chakarova.

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In doing so, they are prepared to take risks. Some are even encouraged by such negativity, and are not shy in attending public television debates, sharing these experiences. When you talk to female members of the journalistic profession, the diversity of their opinions can clearly be seen.

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Some consider themselves the targets of attacks purely because they are women. Others just accept them as characteristic of the profession, which they assess both men and women are equally exposed to. Scroll down the internet and one can find the example of the Washington Post pop music critic Chris Richards, whose experience three years ago was is a useful reminder of the need to detect and call out the discrimination that happens on a gender basis. Richards reacted angrily on Twitter in after he and his wife both wrote articles for the same Style section issue of the paper.

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While he wrote a piece about the Grammy awards, his wife wrote about a seven-year-old girl from Aleppo in Syria, cited as an example of persistence and struggle. As Richards wrote at the time, while both of them received criticism, his wife was grossly insulted and called many unrepeatable names in her inbox, which did not happen to him.

This problem is certainly not restricted to the Balkans. A survey in the UK Guardian is interesting in this regard. According to itseight out of ten journalists who receive most abuse in their inbox are women, while the other two were black men. The opinions expressed in the Comment section are those of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the views of BIRN. Read our full investigation into the online abuse faced by female journalists in the Balkans on a daily basis. Mirjana Chakarova. Follow us. Published by BIRN.

Black woman Macedonia looking for sex

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