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Forgot your password? I am a single black female and new to swinging in a "formal" sense. Even though I am bisexual, I have only had intercourse once since I am a voyeur and do threesomes. However, I have been told by several experienced swingers that most swingers are not interested in black females, even though I am single and bisexual. Since I have never been to a club, I would hate to go and not have anyone to play with. Does anyone know reasons why couples would not want to play with black females? There are surely going to be people that turn you down because you are black but there will also be some that think you're especially sexy because you're dark skin.

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Wow, I think the general concensus around here would be that there isn't enough single black females in the lifestyle! I wouldn't listen to those you've talked to, I don't think they really know what they are talking about. Sweetie, you can come play with us anytime!!!! Like my hubby says "Pussy is Pussy,you have been in GA too long!!! LOL You are a woman and that is wonderful. Forget your color and remember how pretty you are and there is only one of you in this big world,have fun and forgoodness sake please don't wait that long to have sex again,it is not good for the body!!!

This stands out to me as a red flag more than you being black. Any reason you have had sex only once in 4 years?

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Good question. Let me rephrase.

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I have only had intercourse one in 4 years. I am highly sexual through masturbation the only way I orgasmwith females, etc. Your profile says that you are "strictly a voyeur. If this is so, I would think this would be a much greater limitation to swinging than being black. I think most couples who wish to have a bisexual female them want soft swing or full swap interaction. Dito to LM. Really, race is not an issue for most swingers. Nor is cultural difference, unless those cultural differences cause a person to treat others like crap. It's the quality of the person that counts. At least around SwingersBoard it is.

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My hubby and I don't consider ourselves newbies anymore, and in our personal opinion, diversity is just that much more fun. I mean, isn't that kind of the point of swinging in the first place? To try a different "flavour" every now and then? Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream, so I married him. Black women in the lifestyle. My thoughts? I love it. We haven't been with any partners of a different race But that's just been coincidental.

I find the idea of the visual contrast in skin tones very erotic. If you're ever travelling out of state, be sure to schedule in a trip to a swingers club there. You'll likely be surprised at the difference in opinion. She is one of the few black females who swing in our area, and she is very sought after. I don't think you have anything to be concerned about. I'm from Alabama and we now live in Florida, and I've never had a problem in the lifestyle.

Almost the opposite has been the case Now, I understand that there are places that you may not want to go: for example, to some of the clubs in Mississippi that are for whites only, but for the most part, I don't think you'll have a problem I know I don't. I find black women very sensual. I wish I could have more experiences with black gals, and hope to in the future. We haven't run into hardly any prejudice about this at all down here in south Georgia, in the scene around here. In fact, we hear that the clubs up there are very hot! We have ran into other black females in the lifestyle but primarily through groups directed more towards black swingers.

But, we find that these groups are often poorly ran or VERY cliquish. We find it difficult to meet other black Black women for sex dating Swinging that are interested in black people when in groups that are majority white because it seems in those groups the focus is on interracial fantasies primarily with black men. But, we are two black females and tend to get approached almost always from non-black couples and singles which is just fine as a fantasy of never having been with a black woman or "trying" black.

Being approached from that POV is actually quite the turn off because we don't want to be seen as something "to try. But, the DC Metro Area definitely embraces diversity through and through. We've played a couple of times with a black couple that we like a lot. She was the first non-white woman I'd ever been with, but I can truthfully say that the color of their skin made no difference whatsoever, at least to me. The fact that they are black was neither a positive nor negative when it came to what we liked about them when we met them.

They did tell us that they'd been to a party where they were the only black couple there and felt uncomfortable because they were treated as a novelty. He said men were approaching him all night asking him to sleep with their wives while they watched. Some of the couples in our area goes as far as explicitly writing in their profiles that they're not interested in blacks or interracial couples.

If that's how they feel, why don't they just turn those couples down, or do what most people do and just ignore their s? We try not to associate with those couples. I'm feeling the love, y'all! It's compliments like that that I remember as I'm fighting sleep to get to the gym in the morning. If I had to mention one downside to being a minority in lifestyle to another Black women for sex dating Swinging woman, it is from couples that seem more interested in being with you because they get to check something off their to-do list than anything else. We've met people that approached us as if we are the novelty act at the local carnival.

So much so that I've thought of asking people if they thought I was going to do magic tricks in bed or something. It's certainly not flattering.

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Oh, and Pepper is a reference to skin color In fact, I believe their listings are on this site. But, as I've said before, I'd rather people be straight-up with their preferences rather than get the cold shoulder once there. You know, if I thought I was a fantasy to be checked off someone's list, I do not think I would very enthusiastic. Of course on the other hand, I doubt many people have brown haired, blue eyed, average built married guys on their "to do" list.

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I guess that means I just have to work a little harder! Neither Muffy nor I have a list to fulfill, but we do have the requirement for a connection, and if that connection takes us places we have never been before, so be it. Having read many of Pepper's posts, I could see an intellectual connection happening. Pepper, I read many of your posts and until you mentioned your skin color, I never gave it a thought. I actually studied the the avatar pic that day and smacked my forehead for not being more observant.

Now, does that mean I am color blind or does that mean I'm a putz?

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Location, Location, Location. I thought that there was a change in the lifestyle that I had missed while in Europe. For three years I didn't have time for the internet or even hanging out with the guys because my 'dance card' was usually full every weekend. When I moved back to Michigan, it was a year before I went to my first swing event, and that was only because I met a guy, quite by accident, who was a swinger and his wife thought I was attractive. While they lived here, I had no problem getting into clubs or parties. Then I learned a woman I dated off and on also was into swinging and we got more serious.

When she moved for a new job and I stayed behind the couple had moved a year after I met them I was suddenly on the outs with both the people I knew as part of a couple with her AND the people I met as a single guy through the couple. The moral of the story: Every region has its own swinging society with its own levels of comfort and acceptance.

If you are in an area where you are mainly excluded, you have to look a little harder to find those who are looking for you. Being in L. I have noticed that most of the swingers in this area are either white or hispanic. There's a fair of black men in the lifestyle

Black women for sex dating Swinging

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