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This is an awful place to be. The unavoidable grief of ending a loving relationship — and the fear of that grief — is a powerful force.


This is very normal pain-avoidant behavior, but it will lead to a kind of confirmation bias, where arguments that support staying will become more attractive, and arguments that support leaving will be met with more rigor.

The pursuit of personal validation is often mixed up in advice-giving. This is a function of human emotion and attachment, which, like all moods, wax and wane based on internal and external factors like hormones, insecurity, fear, ambition, independence or codependence. There is no universal truth or binary about romantic rightness — every single person in the world is just like you: guessing their way through it and writing their own rules based on what feels good or seems right.

Confident yet single this is to say, relationship anxiety can incite a kind of emotional whiplash. And, like other kinds of anxiety, it often clouds thinking instead of clarifying it. At the peak of mine, I went so far as to diagnose myself with it online and find websites dedicated to writing it off as a mental health concern rather than a relationship concern. We had a familiar rhythm I cherished Confident yet single knew I could never replicate.

We knew each other better than anyone and loved each other deeply. And that was so deeply unsettling to me that I fought it for years. As the emotion came and went, I waited — pleaded! But in the end, I got neither. What I got was another wave of doubt while on a long walk with my mom. Confidence is very different from certainty. The latter is a form of willful delusion — nothing in life is certain, our beliefs and futures especially.

But confidence is something that takes shape in the deep recesses of our minds. It can be intrinsic or hard-earned, but it strengthens over time and can function as an inner guide. There was absolutely nothing childish or delusional about that desire. Do we have off days? Of course. Does he annoy me at times?

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But there is a gut-level sense of I want this and believe in us that underpins our entire relationship. A grounding force that would have been impossible to imagine until I felt it myself. There is no divine answer as to whether you are supposed to be with your partner. All you have is your confidence or your lack of it.

Give yourself space to honestly examine it, because you are not crazy. For me, establishing relationship confidence was ultimately tied to pursuing fulfillment instead of avoiding pain. Not to sound like a cross-stitch pillow but: You get one life. What emotion do you want to fuel it? Graphic by Madeline Montoya.

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By Beth Sacca. By Nili Blanck. Search Clear Search. I have a question about relationship confidence. People want you to do what they did. All you get are vague aphorisms.

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