Do not date this man

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Dating someone with the same cultural context comes to me naturally. But what I never anticipated was the family aspect of dating an Indian guy.

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I used to say the most ridiculous things to them just to see what I could get away with. One time, I lied to my ex's mom and told her that my sister was getting an arranged marriage to our cousin just to see how she would react. In sharing my experiences on Twitter, I learned that this is a pretty universal experience for women, namely Indian women.

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So, for all our sakes, I thought I would put together a comprehensive guide on how to date an Indian man with an overprotective family. I was extremely taken aback when Rahul told me his family members had called and warned him about the fact that I had dated a lot of men before him. They watched one of my stand-up sets about it and decided that it made me an unfit monogamous girlfriend since I seemed flighty and untrustworthy.

That makes you a harlot, and no precious Indian boy deserves damaged goods. His family needs to know that you will never leave him ever, otherwise you are a horrible person who deserves nothing but bad things.

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When his family asked me how I got into stand-up comedy, I answered honestly. I explained to them that I started stand-up on a whim after a particularly devastating bout of depression.


The primary lesson here is that when an Indian family asks you about anything, you should just lie. You should know better than to be sad when bad things happen to you. A classic! I suggested to my boyfriend that we take one of his family members out and treat her to a nice brunch. We did just that, and he paid for the whole thing because we take turns covering restaurant bills and it was his turn to pay we both agree that going Dutch feels impersonal and less romantic.

Since I am a comedian, I obviously have no money. It was the only reasonable explanation. I was incensed about this one at first, but the more I thought about it the more it kind of made sense. See, my boyfriend works in education and education policy. He spends most of his days teaching English as a second language to low income students and most evenings researching how he can fundamentally change the public education system to work for its most vulnerable students instead of against them.

Any job that is in the creative field is not a respectable one and therefore not a profitable one. So Rule No. In our mostly female friend group, Rahul always volunteers to drive. He loves driving and he loves doing kind things for people he loves. Accepting his offer, however, makes us manipulative. How dare his friends and girlfriend lean on him for anything?

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Expecting anything in return, though? Extremely Do not date this man. Doing any of these things makes you toxic and abusive and bad for him. He can do so much better. However, successfully doing all of these things in a relationship is damn near impossible. So the obvious solution here is to simply just not exist. Indian men are virtuous and pure, so they are incapable of doing anything bad unless a woman comes in and morally corrupts them.

Indian culture, like almost every other culture in the world, has a propensity for demonizing its women and infantilizing the men. This is compounded by the fact that Asian communities tend to only value career fields that they see as viable, ones with six-figure salaries and a k. This culture thrives because of silence around the subject — we would rather avert our gaze and pretend not to hear our family and friends passing judgment on women for their lifestyle and personal choices. In writing this article I have two objectives.

Everyone, myself included, has accidentally or purposefully contributed to a culture where people feel comfortable enough to openly pass judgment on women for things we would never devalue men for. We would all be better off if we reflected on how we can dismantle purity culture and value women regardless of their sexual history, mental health struggles, career choices and otherwise. Abby Govindan is not like other girls: she likes pink, loves iced coffee from Dunkin, and prides herself on only dating guys taller than her. When the year-old comedian and writer from Houston is not ing cute selfies on Instagram, you can see her performing stand-up all over the country.

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Since pursuing comedy three years ago, she has amassed a following of almostpeople across all social media platforms, but she wants you to know that the fame hasn't changed her one bit. Most Popular. More Culture. Today's Picks.

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Do not date this man

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