Fairfax wife swapping

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Swingers Club in South Riding. Posted by: Swingin' Heavies. Nothing special until he told me that on Friday nights it is a place for couples to swing and swap wives and what not. Is there any truth to this? Also, South Riding is one of the better places in the area to bake out at. Then again we were also tokin away in a huge 6 bedroom house where he was the only occupant.

Anyway please share your thoughts and experiences. Re: Swingers Club in South Riding.

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Posted by: Fairfax MFer. There isn't much to do in South Riding except to get stoned and fuck the neighbor's wife. Not that there is anything wrong with that unless the wife is a fatty. Posted by: Kiev. How I hate really fat women. A man must be a total loser to end up married to one. Posted by: Radiophile.

If you do go, just be careful about running into Dirk.

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You would not want your wife to be with a male massage wican guy. Posted by: Lurker. The bar next to the karate place is the South Riding Inn. Fairfax wife swapping used to be a big hang out, now it is rather boring. Usually it's full of guys. I've never noticed a "swinger crowd. In general swingers usually meet at hotel bars. Posted by: Suburbanite. Cougar spots near Reston. Posted by: Splash. Posted by: Cougar Bait. Try Clydes in Ashburn also. Posted by: Eyeballs. Forget the bars. The best hunting ground for cougars is Wegmans on weekdays, during lunch. Posted by: ben. Posted by: Qwest.

Oh yeah Some fat fuck trying to get laid off the internet. Posted by: Tigerstyle. They usually don't start out that way, dipshit. Posted by: Mick Jagger. Thank you. That's why smart shoppers check out sisters and mothers to see what they may be getting. If you go interracial, you need to check them out like dog breeds. A Mexican will feed you beans every night and get you fat too. Jews get skanky fast and have a real good chance of getting cancer or some other crap.

Most guys think with their penis, but they pay later for their mistake. Posted by: Chaz.

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My wife and I are New to being exabitionist. How do we find out were to go to have people watch her. So she and I can show off goods in public. Posted by: Wingfanatic. Posted by: Warhawk. Supposedly, and I've heard this only from a friend who lives out that way - if there is a white rock in the yard, it's Fairfax wife swapping for being part of a swinger contingent in South Riding. I have no proof, so take it for what it's worth.

Posted by: eesh. Pity the innocent naive person that puts a white rock outside for decoration and starts getting creepy degenerates knocking at his door. Blessed are the murderous. Posted by: soundsbogus. Posted by: maybgay. Posted by: Anonfail. Posted by: Sunfury. I'd react exactly as you Posted by: bri. Posted by: It's Called. I also believe I've read where people in Loudoun county who put white rocks in front of their house instead of mulch are swingers.

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As far as South Ridging goes, there's just as many Christians who live there as other people. Lots of people hand out little prayer books and prayer comics on Halloween. How lame is that? Posted by: I am King.

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Back in the 80s many swingers lived in Herndon and worked in Health Food stores the wivesif they were interested in you, they'd offer you some free yogurt covered pretzels and some wine. They were a 'friendly' bunch, like the Mormons some of them were even Mormons. Posted by: xx. Posted by: v. Posted by: CERTenly. Posted by: mike h. Posted by: BR. My friend's dad owned a health food store and lived in Herndon back in the '80s!

Posted by: Swinget. Thanks, very insightful. Posted by: haha. Is a swinget like a Redskin Piget. Ha ha. That is the guys dressed as women pigs. Posted by: The Fugly Swingers. I've seen the South Riding Swingers Club members. They are the fugliest group of people you've ever seen The guys are the girls and the girls are the guys. It's gayer than Liberace! Posted by: Out of Luck. This is what was there last night Posted by: Ms ProVallone. And there Fairfax wife swapping another club in Fredericksburg, I don't remember exactly where, but that one I was told there is a membership fee.

Posted by: wnrsm. Of course there's a fee. Even charging a single dollar will get rid of some of the jackoffs.

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Posted by: crazybuttrues. I so confused. They charge to jackoff? That sounds so illegal. I thought that was what swingsclubs do. This all no make sense.

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Posted by: reggie. Posted by: crazybuttrue.

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Fairfax wife swapping

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