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Lina Menard: tiny house living. Carl Jensen: how to retire in days. Mark Nelson: Living inside Biosphere 2. Rick Curtis: 40 years of leading outdoor education at Princeton. Mary Tabacchi, PhD: the keys to longevity. Tom Cronin: inspiring 1B people to meditate daily. Mellie Pullman, PhD: craft beer, social enterprise, cannabis supply chain. Andrew Shakman: food waste, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and filmmaking. Beverly Winterscheid, PhD: nature as a teacher for women who want to change the world.

Katie Holloran: How to get your kid to sleep. Listen Top Shows Blog. Discover Northstar Unplugged. Claim Ownership. Northstar Unplugged. Author: Kristen Rainey Subscribed: 2 Played: Hosted by Kristen Rainey and brought to you from Bozeman, Montana, Northstar Unplugged is all about rest and rejuvenation, unplugging from technology, transitions and transformations, and doing what fuels you. Lina Menard: tiny house living Lina Menard has resided in a yurt and three tiny houses on wheels, exploring questions around intentional living, less stuff, and happiness.

With a background in sustainable de-build and urban planning, Lina also has a penchant for experiential learning and healthy communities. She has found her niche nestled between small spaces, collaborative education, and community planning. See full show notes at www. Carl Jensen: how to retire in days Six years later, at the age of 43, he found himself with the newfound freedom to retire and spend his time however he wished. A member of the Executive Team and reporting to the CEO, he le several functions including corporate responsibility, sustainability, community engagement, corporate communications, government affairs, farm services, and co-op member relations.

He works with a talented team to bring together these critical areas through the development, management and execution of comprehensive member relations, external relations and outreach, philanthropy and social responsibility strategies. He ed Tillamook in June of Full show notes at www. Kristine Zeigler is the co-founder of and chief executive officer at Planet Women, which addresses climate change and other conservation challenges through projects led by women and for women around the world.

For the past 22 years, Kristine has been an environmental nonprofit leader focused on helping nature and people thrive. Full snow notes at www. Mark Nelson: Living inside Biosphere 2 The project included pioneering regenerative agriculture and waste and water recycling. JL Collins is widely regarded as one of the founders of the Financial Independence movement. His very popular stock series blog can be found at jlcollinsnh. Rick Curtis: 40 years of leading outdoor education at Princeton Rick Curtis has served as Director of the Googlepacific beach wa.

women seeking sex education at Princeton University for 40 years. He has utilized small group experiences in the outdoors for team building, personal growth and leadership development for tens of thousands of students. He has consulted and lectured internationally on outdoor education and risk management for over twenty-five years. Mary Tabacchi, PhD: the keys to longevity SinceMary served as Professor and Researcher.

Research Associate in Plant Sciences at Cornell. Tabacchi is a consultant for destination health resort development and Spa Menu Engineering as well as a developer of the 1st corporate wellness classes, adventure tourism, healthful tasty food menus, and Healthful Senior Living. Full show notes can be seen at www. Tom Cronin: inspiring 1B people to meditate daily He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career, when the anxiety and chaos he was experiencing hit a crisis point.

Meditation completely transformed his world, both personally and professionally.

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Full show notes can be found at northstarsleepschool. Mellie Pullman, PhD: craft beer, social enterprise, cannabis supply chain Currently, she is researching supply chains and UN sustainable development biodiversity goals, social enterprise supply chains in food and beverage businesses, sustainability competitive dynamics, and supply chain management in the emergent US cannabis market.

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She has also started a drought tolerant landscape company to put herself through graduate school as well as an online education company for creating specialty industry programs such as Business Skills for the Welsh Craft Brewers. She has served on numerous non-profit boards related to food policy, public health, the environment, wildlife and literary skills in rural Oregon. She works with many regional sustainability-focused food and beverage producers, distributors, and retailers.

Crist began his career in restaurant and hotel operations, followed by graduate studies at Cornell University. His doctoral dissertation provided a foundation for the entrepreneurial conservation work he has been involved in ever since. Starting in Costa Rica he worked with public and private sector leaders to ensure a coherent national strategy with conservation commitments as a key selling point. In he founded a management company to serve conservation-focused investors in this niche: La Paz Group has focused on developing and managing brands in the private sector dedicated to the entrepreneurial conservation of natural and cultural patrimony.

This practice has included the planning, start-up and ongoing operations management of conservation-focused resorts such as Lapa Rios in Costa Rica, and Chan Chich Lodge in Belize, and expanding Xandari from a single resort in Costa Rica to a multi-property brand in Kerala, India. For Cornell his course offered graduate students the opportunity to participate in semester-long field work on sustainable development projects in Senegal; Costa Rica; Croatia; Kerala, India; the Siberia region of the Russian Federation; and the Patagonia region of Chile.

Brigid Schulte is a journalist, public speaker, and program director of the Better Life Lab, the work-family justice and gender equity program at the nonpartisan think tank New America. Follow her on Twitter.

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I was Lucky. Andrew Shakman: food waste, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and filmmaking From the beginning, Andrew has worked to catalyze the global movement to address the food waste crisis. Beverly Winterscheid, PhD: nature as a teacher for women who want to change the world Beverly is a mentor and motivator for women who want to change the world through passionate commitment to their ideas, families, organizations, and communities.

After 20 years of a successful business and academic career that included a Ph. After investing two decades in change management with a large systems focus, she came to the conclusion that change happens one person at a time. Acting on her discovery, she began training in ecopsychology and nature-based guiding with the Animas Valley Institute. Also inshe founded the Center for Nature and Leadership CNL to blend traditional leadership development with scientific and experiential findings on the beneficial effects Googlepacific beach wa.

women seeking sex Nature on humans. CNL now offers virtual and regional programming, as well, based on these same principles. Creating and achieving bottom-lines of all sorts, and helping others see the wisdom of Nature at work in their own lives is what she loves to do. Cultivating fearless leaders, those who stand firmly on authenticity and truth, who strive to bring new visions into reality in concert with others is her passion and expertise. Bakker is focused on providing integrated offerings and experiences that enable Google to thrive.

He is also focused on supporting the growth and future of Google through the scaling of these programs, ongoing innovation and partnerships. Katie Holloran: How to get your kid to sleep Since Katie Holloran has run her own business supporting families as a teacher, special education teacher, behavior analyst and sleep coach. While teaching and working with children with Autism and Developmental Delays in Public, Private, Charter schools as well as in-home therapy programs in the DC area, Katie completed the coursework and obtained her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis in While she had worked with many children and helped many families since starting as a classroom teacher inhaving her first child in helped her to see first-hand how confusing and overwhelming information and advice from other mothers, friends, family, and the internet could be.

The single most effective parenting step Katie took was to learn about the science of sleep, and how to utilize that knowledge to create a healthier and more supportive schedule for children.

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Since becoming a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach inKatie has combined her knowledge of sleep with her coaching practice. As a sleep coach with expertise in education and special education, Katie works with families with children with unique strengths and needs across the globe, many who have specific medical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and developmental diagnoses.

Christopher Gardner is a nutrition scientist and Professor of Medicine. For 28 years at Stanford he has studied what to consume and to avoid for optimal health, and how best to motivate individuals to achieve healthy dietary behaviors.

Some of the dozens of human nutrition intervention trials he has conducted include studies of garlic, omega-3 fats, soy phytoestrogens and antioxidants. His ongoing trials involve examining the impact of dietary changes e. Current research interests include collaborating with chefs and dining operators as research partners in an effort to identify strategies to optimize the intersection of taste, health, environmental sustainability and social justice in institutional food settings e.

Professor Gardner teaches several food and nutrition classes at Stanford, including an on-line Nutrition Science course recently launched through the Stanford Center for Health Education. Christopher is on Twitter GardnerPhD. Following completion of her degree Googlepacific beach wa. women seeking sex went on to hold roles in academia, government, non-profit, freelance journalism, and business consulting before ing Oatly at the end of She later moved into executive management of conservation portfolios as Vice President of the Americas for the Wildlife Conservation Society, a major international non-profit, where she led efforts to promote conservation through cuisine, including partnerships with renowned Latin American chefs.

After leaving WCS, she founded Passiflora Consulting, a business consultancy working with chefs, restaurants, travel companies, and government agencies to promote sustainable gastronomy. Before ing Oatly, Dr. Kunen spent 4 months during the COVID pandemic working as a farmhand on an organic vegetable farm in northern Montana. She is also a writer on topics at the nexus of food, culture, and the environment for independent food and travel-focused media outlets.

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Her most recent articles were about innovations in food studies programs and the indigenous roots of regenerative agriculture. Christopher has been instrumental in putting sleep on the corporate wellness agenda and has established partnerships on four continents. He is a frequent speaker at corporations and conferences, where he talks about implementing sleep into corporate wellbeing programs. MetroNaps was founded in with a simple goal: to fight workplace fatigue.

Our mission is based on a simple scientifically proven fact: that a brief nap improves alertness, learning, memory, mood and long term health. FAQs United States.

Googlepacific beach wa. women seeking sex

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