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Savory or sweet, late night bites are always a big hit.

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They present a wonderfully unique opportunity for hosts to express themselves in a fun and casual manner. In the past, our culinary team has had fun recreating some wild late night wedding snacks from a couple's college days, their travels, or their local street food; everything from mini blueberry pancake sandwiches to traditional Coney Dogs. Whether you're celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah, wedding or birthday, late night bites keep the party going and add an element of surprise at the end of the night when guests least expect it.

Even better than a lollipop! Crispy, tasty, savory treats that will have your guests coming back for more. Get to the slider display quickly when the late night snacks are served because these disappear fast! Sliders are great if dinner is a distant memory and everyone needs something filling, but small and easy to grab and go.

If you've never had fried chicken with waffles, you may think they're an odd pair, but somehow the two come together and sparks fly: soul food at its best!

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Venezuelan specialties are a big hit for the late night snack table! Try crispy Arepas with traditional Venezuelan fillings like Queso de Mano white cheese, Reina Pepiada Chicken and avocado salad, and Cochinillo pork leg. A larger version of the Puff Pastry Sausage Roll is a common main course in the UK, but these mini rolls hit the spot when guests are looking for some late-night, end-of-party sustenance.

Guests love these shot glasses of creamy tomato bisque served with a bite-sized morsel of grilled cheese! The tomato soup and grilled cheese pictured here were vegan versions of this popular snack, and were a favorite savory treat at an event where half the family were strictly vegan. The best of New York street food for the past 75 years, Pretzels are soft and chewy, boiled and baked, and they're a wonderful late night snack, especially for guests working up an appetite while they burn up the dance floor.

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Serve warm with a variety of tasty dipping sauces. It's no surprise that popcorn is featured on most people's lists for their top ten comfort foods! Made fresh, popcorn is simply irresistible, and can be served in custom-made, monogrammed boxes that match the theme and color scheme. Guests can grab a box and head back to the dance floor.

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A favorite childhood treat: chilled milk and chocolate chip cookies will leave your guests feeling sweetly nostalgic. Cookies and milk are the ultimate comfort food and always a great option for the late-night snack station. In the photo above, check out the edible cups made out of chocolate chip cookie, lined with chocolate and filled with cold milk. Plant-based milk can be used for vegan catering or if regular milk isn't tolerated.

Who doesn't love a fresh and scrumptiously soft doughnut?

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You can be creative with the toppings: try matching the frosting to your color theme! We had fun glamming up these donuts with edible gold glitter, and posing donut holes on gold forks at this chic, vintage-inspired, boho wedding.

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The donut holes were perfect for anyone who just wanted a bite and not a whole donut! A delicacy that originates in Spain and Portugal, Churros are somewhat like choux.

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They're fried until crunchy on the outside but delectably soft on the inside. Sprinkle with sugar and dip in dulce de leche or a rich chocolate sauce for a decadent dessert that will satisfy those after-party munchies, and keep the good vibes going so everyone dances into the wee hours!

These Churros were creatively displayed in repurposed cigar boxes, a playful reference to a bride from Cuba and a groom with extended family flying in from Spain. Serve up several varieties of sweet shot glasses so guests get to try two, three or more, instead of being limited to one full-portion dessert. Don't be shy, try them all! There's nothing like a sugar rush to jump-start the party! Kids and adults LOVE cotton candy on glow sticks. This treat lights up the room!

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Hot fun late nite

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