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Summertime is here, and teenagers all around the world are finally getting a big break after a school year of COVID lockdowns.

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Vacations by the beach, parties with their friends, road trips and young love all sound like a pretty accurate description of a teenage summer, right? Maybe for some.

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We survived the pandemic only to be expected to look flawless for social media whenever we leave the house. Body dysmorphia and low self-esteem are skyrocketing. I am a year-old who needs to lift up her shirt and look at her abdomen to see if it looks the same each time I pass a mirror. When I started a body positivity club at my high school, it gained 20 members within two weeks.

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The more bikini and shirtless pictures we see on social media, the more we close in on that fat roll that only appears when we sit or turn in a certain position. The more we pay attention to the cellulite in our legs and the chubbiness of our fingers. Social standards of beauty are always changing, much like fashion.

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Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty herself, was quite a curvy woman. Unattainable beauty standards have also long been a problem. The difference now is that we have to stare at them every time we check our phones to see what our friends are doing. I will never forget the day that a little girl, no older than 7 years old, came up to me and told me that she wished she looked like me. After being locked down and glued to their screens, sometimes forcibly, kids are growing up on iP, laptops and phones — and this exposure is having an impact.

We cannot get rid of the problematic expectations and stereotypes for what constitutes a fun summer. But we can make that definition more inclusive. The modeling world has become more receptive to featuring plus-size women and more diverse body types and shapes.

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Plus-size influencers, including Remi Bader and Ashley Graham, are now welcome on the runways. Social media algorithms can duplicate the inclusivity of the modeling world by giving plus-size influencers more of a platform.

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Angelica Gauptman is a writer, activist and high school student graduating in Most Popular. More in Opinion.

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Top of the News. Traffic congestion is making a comeback, but in a strange new way. Other cities across the nation are seeing similar trends as weekday commuter s are slow to return to pre-pandemic standards.


By Ricardo Cano and Nami Sumida. Disability lawsuits hit the state. Are they helpful or a moneymaking By Bob Egelko and Carolyn Said.

Hot single teens

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Hot Single Teens