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Jackson returning to host. Bonez ends up losing some of his hair products into the water, while Myammee worries about getting her synthetic weave wet. While introducing himself to the contestants, Craig notes that both The Entertainer and Heat were from last season and that Entertainer actually voted off Heat.

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While Entertainer denies it saying that was his team's decision, they decide to put it behind them and form an alliance. After revealing what each contestant would do with the money, the teams competed in a challenge to become team captains.

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The challenge was called the Mud Pit, where each contestant would have one minute to swim in the mud and find as many gold coins within the time limit. Leilene did the worst with no coins, while Tamara has a fear of waterthus found only a few coins. In the end, 20 Pack and T-Weed eventually won. Before picking teams, 20 Pack and T-Weed begin talking to the other contestants and from there, alliances begin to form with The Entertainer, Heat, 20 Pack and eventually Tailor Made who originally tried to form an alliance with Buddha in one, and Saaphyri, Buckwild and Leilene in another.

When Leilene and Tamara had a chance to plead their case, Leilene said she may of messed up, but she's still a good player, while Tamara doesn't make much of an effort. T-Weed decides to pick the final girl by arm wrestling, to which Leilene won.

Not chosen to be on either team was Tamara, who felt betrayed because both 20 Pack and T-Weed promised her she wouldn't go home, but neither one of them picked her, and humorously stormed off the set, by, like on season one of Rock Of Love unintentionally walking into a closet. The episode begins with Buddha sweet talking Leilene who has a crush on himwith Saaphyri and Buckwild looking on.

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Each team must pick a new captain for their next challenge. Boston out of the boxing ring. The ring is suspended over the water and two people will fight each other with boxing gloves and if somebody gets knocked down or gets knocked out of the ring, the other team will get a point. First up is The Entertainer vs.

Buddha, and Buddha knees Entertainer, and wins a point for the Green Team. It and Bonez fight, with Bonez winning a point for the Green Team. T-Weed and 20 Pack fight each other, with 20 Pack knocking T-Weed out of the ring and falls into the water, thus another point went to the Gold Team. Cali and Milf fight each other, with Cali winning another point for the Gold Team. Onix and Prancer fight each other next. Onix promised Heat and the rest of his alliance that he would throw the challenge, but, instead, ends up knocking Prancer out of the ring, resulting in another point for the Green Team, thus tying the game.

Saaphyri and Buckwild tried to convince Leilene to vote Buddha into the box in the vault. In the vault, all but Buckwild, vote Leilene into the box, which hurts Leilene to know Buddha betrayed her. Onix is voted into the box also, and when Buckwild gets voted in, she flips out, hoping to stall, but doesn't run out of time, and the decision is final by the team. Before the power outing, Buckwild and Saaphyri tell Leilene if she quits the game, the Green Team will have to go back into the vault and vote somebody else into the box, which she's certain will be Buddha.

Leilene tearfully agrees to do so, agreeing on a pinky swear saying their friendship is more important to her than winning the money. On the power outing, the four contenders go on a boat ride. Leilene finally tells Heat that Buckwild and Saaphyri want her to throw the game. Buckwild gets mad at Leilene for breaking the pinky swear for telling Heat. On the one on one time, Heat selects Leilene. The two talk about the plan and Leilene admits she doesn't want to quit.

Out of desperation, Leilene falls for Heat and says she wants to spend more time with him, and then the two kiss. Back at the house, Heat talks to Leilene into quitting, with Leilene still undecided with what she wants to do. At elimination, Heat gives the first check to Buckwild. Heat then calls up Onix and tells him because of his failure to throw the challenge, he can't trust him, and thus his check is voided.

Onix then says Heat just eliminated his only friend in the house. This episode begins where Episode Two left off, with Leilene wanting to talk to Buckwild about breaking off the pinky swear earlier, but Buckwild doesn't want to talk to her. Meanwhile, inside the house, Buddha and Milf form an alliance. Milf admits that she feels an attraction to Buddha. Heat and I love 2 go down cuddle and I love 2 go down. The other girls and Buddha think Leilene is acting like a ho for always hooking up with the guys in the house.

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When Leilene hears of this, she feels hurt and wants to leave the house, and even packs her bags, but changes her mind and sleeps outside. Deciding she's suffered enough, Buckwild and Saaphyri convince Leilene to come back in the house, and share a touching moment. The challenge is a three-on-two soccer game where two people will play defense in front of a giant cardboard mouth, and one will have to kick the ball away from the mouth, while the other will have to play goalie with a giant toothbrushwhile three members of the other team will play offense and will have to kick the soccer ball into the goal.

After two goals are scored, Saaphyri flips out at Angelique for not even trying to play offense, slams the toothbrush onto the ground, and shrieks, "I quit! I quit! After blocking four goals, the Green Team now has to play defense, which Saaphyri ends up picking T-Weed and Leilene playing defense.

Gold Team ends up winning with more goals.

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Knowing she's at risk being voted into the box, Milf and Buddha talk and Buddha says if Milf can convince Leilene to move upstairs into his alliance, he won't vote her into the box. Milf agrees, and follows Leilene around the house and tries to persuade her into moving in the alliance, but Leilene says no.

In the vault, Milf, Leilene, and Buckwild are voted into the box. Upset with Buddha for breaking his promise, Milf announces she's quitting and leaves the vault. Saaphyri immediately comforts Milf and tries to convince her not quit.

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Buddha tries to talk to Milf, and Saaphyri and him fight. Buddha, fed up with this, yells at Saaphyri and tries to shove her away from Milf. Not appreciating Buddha yelling at her home girl, Buckwild steps up and yells at Buddha. Buddha yells at her to stay out of it, and then leaves. On the power outing, the girls meet a fortune teller for advice.

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Buckwild goes first and is told that she's making her life harder for herself by acting like a bad girl. Milf is told to be careful whom to trust, and Leilene is told she's bad luck and using her body too much instead of her brain, and Saaphyri asks who should she trust between Milf and Leilene, and the fortune teller tells her Milf.

At lunch, Saaphyri calls out Leilene for breaking the pinky swear, and Leilene says she made a mistake and says sorry, and Saaphyri tells her she needs to stop making mistakes, and Leilene leaves the table. On the one on one time, Saaphyri talks to Milf and asks her if she can trust her and if she needed her to throw the challenge she would, and Milf replies, "I have to think about it.

Before giving out the second check, Saaphyri asks both remaining ladies what loyalty means to them and Milf flubs on her answer, while Leilene says she's been friends with her for a long time and can be trustworthy.

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Saaphyri calls up Leilene and tells her she loves her, but she's voiding her check. After voiding Leilene's check, Craig asks Saaphyri why she voided her friend's check and Saaphyri explains that she felt that Leilene is only there for love and that all the drama is stressing her out, so she wanted felt this was the best decision for her.

Leilene says she still loves Saaphyri, and thought she was there for love and feels this game isn't cut out for her. Milf is seen arguing with her roommates Buddha, Myammee, and T-Weed, for their betrayal to her for voting her into the box. Milf, fed up with this, moves downstairs. The next day, Craig hints that the next challenge will be, like last year, "a mouthful".

When they arrive at the challenge site, Craig tells them that the challenge is called, "The Kiss Off 2", which is based on the challenge on the last season of I Love Money. Craig has a bag of colored coins, and when one contestant picks a coin that matches another contestant's coin, they will be paired together. On the Green Team, Milf and Buddha get paired up together, Myammee and T-Weed are paired together, Bonez picked an odd colored coin and was not able to play, leaving Buckwild and Ice to be together.

On the Gold Team, Prancer and Angelique are together, Heat I love 2 go down It, Saaphyri and Tailor Made, 20 Pack and Entertainer are paired together, while Cali picked the odd colored coin, also meaning she will not play the game.

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Craig then throws a twist in the game: The pairs will not be locking lips, but instead, will be kissing one of their butts, which is based on when the past contestants from I Love Money when the contestants would kiss up to other contestants, and literally, when Nibblz kissed Buckeey's butt on a dare on Flavor Of Love 2.

The rules of the challenge is only the lips can touch the butt, no hands; the contestants have to remain on a beam, and the lips must keep touching the butt. Immediately in the game, Milf pushed Buddha off their beam meaning they were out.

The Entertainer then gets him and 20 Pack disqualified by Entertainer giving 20 Pack "a smack I love 2 go down the ass". Tailor Made's lips then slip off of Saaphyri's butt, meaning they were also out, and then Heat falls off the beam and used his hand to touch the ground to stop himself, resulting in another disqualification. It's down to T-Weed and Myammee vs. Prancer and Angelique. T-Weed starts sweating and then his feet struggle to stay on the beam, and then he falls off, which resulted in another win for the Gold Team.

Back at the house, Buddha thinks T-Weed is the one to blame for the loss of the game, saying the challenge was easy and he was kissing the "sexiest girl in the house. Bonez slowly said "yes. T-Weed, Buckwild, and Milf voted for Buddha, but were outed. Buddha and T-Weed fight in the vault, while Bonez told Craig that those were the official votes, and the three checks are dropped into the box. On the one on one time, Entertainer picks T-Weed.

T-Weed explains that he wants Buddha gone and if Entertainer keeps him in, T-Weed said he would deliver Buddha's head on a "silver platter. At elimination, The Entertainer gives the first check to Buckwild. Entertainer then called up T-Weed and said he should never have picked Buddha on his team, and Entertainer doesn't feel he's loyal enough, and then voids his check.

After Milf gets her check, Craig then drops a bomb and says this is the point of the game where they like to shake things up, and then splits up the boys and the girls, and gives them coins and sharpies and asks them to write which person of their gender they trusted the most. For the girls, Saaphyri had the most votes, while 20 Pack had the most votes from the boys.

Craig then tells them that they are doing new teams. Buddha's check is then voided, and Buddha said that now that the scapegoat is gone, everybody's true natures will come out. After being switched to the Green Team, after being on the Gold Team for two years, The Entertainer is bummed about now no longer being on the Gold Team and worries about his alliances being on the opposite team, so he burns his Gold Team shirt, while Angelique and Heat look on.

I love 2 go down

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