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Girl bullying. Mean girls. Relational bullying. I recently gave a talk about bullying to a group of parents in my city. Afterward, a nervous-looking dad approached the front of the room to ask me a question. But the next day when his daughter came home from school, she was crushed.

In the end, she went. Monday was a hard day. But by Wednesday, his daughter was back on an even keel with her friends. He was wary and anxious. He wanted his daughter to confront her friend, or better yet, to drop that group of friends altogether. Relational bullying can include tactics such as:. It typically involves recruiting others to do the same against someone. The result is often devastating for the victim. Chances are that at some point your daughter will come home from school feeling excluded, targeted, or ostracized. In many cases, she Looking for a freaky gril even be scared.

At any rate, her world at that moment will be truly miserable. If you are fortunate, she will turn to you for guidance, and maybe she will share with you how she feels. Although that moment as a parent is very painful, it can also be an opportunity for your daughter. It can be a time for your daughter to learn some valuable problem-solving skills. And it can be a time for your daughter to learn resilience. Most parents, especially mothers, have experienced betrayal by friends in the past and seeing a daughter crushed by a secret revealed or a mean trick can trigger an old hurt. While this is natural, it may not be the best reaction for our.

Keep in mind that many kids worry that their parents will be disappointed if they are not popular or well-liked. And that additional worry gets piled on top of the hurt they are carrying home from school. This is a response we can scarcely afford.

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In the end, our best chance to keep our kids healthy and strong is to hear from them how they are really doing and feeling. When our kids come to us and tell us they are being bullied, we have to be ready to listen. Help your child see what the outcome might be of their words and actions.

Ask your daughter:. At the same time, she should feel free to ask for your help. Let her voice her sense of betrayal. And let her know that she has the right to expect better. Make sure she knows that she is valuable and help her find tools to cope with her situation using her own courage and resilience. Help her find alternatives to her situation within the school.

Talking through options ranging from finding allies and other friends, Looking for a freaky gril getting involved in new activities. Remind your daughter that allies turn up in unexpected places, including kids in other groups. It is not uncommon for kids, even in a small school, to be surprised to find out that they have something in common with the student who sits next to them in math class.

Like adults, kids develop social ruts. If her school friends feel like the center of her universe and they are turning on her, suggest developing a social life outside of school. Consider community-sponsored art classes, music lessons, or sports. Your daughter does not have to be a star to benefit from the sense of belonging and support of a team. Ultimately, the goal is to give your daughter an outlet where she can increase confidence and widen her circle. If the bullying behavior is illegal, if she has been threatened with harm, if her property has been destroyed, or if she has been physically assaulted, a parent has no choice but to let the school know and contact law enforcement.

Keep in mind that it may diminish the severity of the situation to describe a threat as mere bullying. So, be clear and specific about what has happened.

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Of course, school is still the place you send your daughter to learn, even if your daughter seeks friendships outside of school. This can be a tricky dilemma for parents whose daughters insist that they not tell anyone. It is essential that your child trusts you, and continues to confide in you.

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If the situation is upsetting to her but is not severe, ask her if she feels like she can handle it safely on her own. If she can, then, by all means, let her. Let her show and build her resilience by tackling the problem head-on. I believe that resilience is a skill and that too often we deprive our children of the opportunity to practice it. Instead of protecting our kids, we end up preventing them from growing.

But, if your daughter seems to want your assistance but is concerned that she will feel ridiculed for seeking help, see if you can figure out a way to get that help discreetly. Most teachers are willing to talk with the class or a smaller group of students about specific incidences of bullying. For some kids, merely having the spotlight shown on their behavior by a respected adult can act as a deterrent.

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This is particularly true of the quiet cuts and rumor-spreading that characterizes relational bullying, as these same students causing harm may be accustomed to getting along well with teachers and flying under the radar. In fact, any of the targets, or even the teacher, could have potentially raised this issue. At any rate, just make sure to tell the teacher your concerns. Parents should also keep in mind that teachers have their own issues that might make it difficult to address the bullying.

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Consider the case where the bully is a star athlete or the child of a prominent member of the community? Schools, despite all the anti-bullying campaigns, can have norms and even formal policies that privilege some kids over others. If you think the bully is somehow being protected, then you may need to seek out the principal, superintendent, or even a school board member.

Some schools even have bullying and harassment officers that you can contact. Like the father at the beginning of this article, many parents struggle with the urge to bar the offending child from the house or the desire to forbid your child to talk to her.

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As parents, we can help provide our children with the framework, or scaffolding, for making that decision. And we can talk to them about what we can expect and what we deserve from a true friend, what is fair, Looking for a freaky gril how to deal with conflict, including specific words and role-playing. But as to whether that girl can be your friend? Remind your daughter that though she does have to be respectful to everyone, she does not have to be friends with everyone. Tell your daughter:. Ultimately, our best weapon against relational bullying—or any bullying—is to have an open line of communication with our.

In other words, let them know that they can turn to us and count on us for sensible advice, long before the problem becomes too big. Peggy Moss is a leading advocate for bullying prevention in North America. She is a former civil rights prosecutor, a sought-after speaker on the subject of Bullying Prevention, and the author of three award-winning books for Children: Say SomethingOur Friendship Rules and One of Us.

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Does your child exhibit angry outburstssuch as tantrums, lashing out, punching walls, and throwing things? Would you like to learn about how to use consequences more effectively? Do you struggle with disrespect or verbal abuse from your child? Has your child been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder ODD? Or does your child exhibit a consistent and severe pattern of anger, irritability, arguing, defiance, and vindictiveness toward you or other authority figures?

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Looking for a freaky gril

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