Looking for a friend husband

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You also start to get really used to being single and doing everything on your own. You get used to not having intimacy, romantic love, and a teammate in your life and, sometimes, you kind of forget about your desire for those things.

You become your biggest cheerleader and make your own dreams a reality. It can feel isolating at times, as well. I remember I had found a church home a few years ago and I was meeting all of these really sweet girls my age who all seemed to connect a little more with each other because they had ificant others.

You should experience joy and happiness that so many people that you know and love are experiencing those really special moments in life, and you arebut as the years go by, it does get increasingly harder, especially as the people sharing those updates are much younger than you. It can feel lonely at times. Tinges of jealousy can creep up when all of your friends have plans with their ificant others on a Friday night, even though you truly are so happy for all of them.

You can be the most positive person, who typically has a very cheery outlook, but it can still be really tough, especially as your longing for it grows and grows over time. You should have your list of non-negotiables.

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It will ONLY make finding that person all the more exciting. Furthermore … and a point of clarification … do not live and die by every single item on the list. No one is ever going to be perfect. Everyone has flaws but, regardless of that, I think this is a good exercise for singles! What are some of my non-negotiables? I am drawn to people who have an excitement and passion over what they do. I love what I do and I want to be with someone who shares that same love and motivation to get started everyday.

I have seen what financial irresponsibility can do to me, personally. I want someone who shares the understanding of how important financial responsibility is. This is something that I compromised on in a relationship and it put a huge strain of our relationship.

For me, though, I really want my faith to be something I share with my person. I was actually talking about this yesterday with my London gentleman.

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I want someone who only wants to get married once, whose also not looking to date for fun, and realizes that love stretches beyond an emotion. Consciously choosing to walk through those struggles, no matter how messy, with your person is extremely important. To some, it may seem too idealistic. So, please do not think this is me thinking less of people who have been divorced.

That is most definitely not my stance. Huge non-negotiable for me. I cannot handle cigarette smoke. Smoking is so unattractive to me. I mean, because … duh. Fish and Chips also have to sniff him out first. There is a side to every blogger that is reserved for their loved ones, their ificant others, etc. There should be that special side that not everyone sees, you know? So, I want someone who is more interested in peeling back the layers and finding out who that person is. I also want someone who is understanding that my job is unconventional.

I will be up early to cover sales, sometimes. Will I certainly protect our relationship by putting work away when I can? I have never been a woman who wants to let the man lead and run the household. It sharpens compassion and kindness. This one speaks for itself. Some women want humor over kindness, and I love to laugh as much as the next person, but I think if I had to choose, I want someone I never have to question Looking for a friend husband validity of the words that are coming out of their mouth or be disappointed in the way they treat other people.

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That relationship taught me that words can be empty and untrue, so I need to be careful with who I let into my heart. So, I want someone who respects me and my heart by always being honest. I also want to see that they love people regardless of age, race, sexual preference, nationality, religious affiliation, etc.

So, this might be one of the most important ones! I agree with that. I actually had an experience recently where I was talking to someone and I just felt nervous the whole time. I literally felt so ashamed over something I wanted to eat … like, what? Am I perfect? Do I expect the person I end up with to be perfect? Absolutely not. Things are going well. If you are currently single and have been for quite some time, here are a couple things to remember:.

Swipe right on a variety of guys. Go on dates. Say yes to social events and opportunities to meet new people. I am horrible at this. I am such a homebody but, I do think there is power in saying yes to more things you typically say no to. So, if anything, say YES to something than normally makes you really uncomfortable. You never know! Keep your non-negotiables as non-negotiables but allow yourself to just enjoy dating and discovering the beauty within the person in front of you. I firmly believe you know whether you can see a future in about three dates.

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Make this a season you look back on fondly! You are responsible for your own happiness. Work on being the best version of yourself.

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Work on that happiness I mentioned above. Find contentment in this season of life and realize that finding a ificant other that is a complement to you is just an added bonus! Last year, I shared this blog post that Whitney wrote here on the blog and so many of you loved it. She has such a way with words. It will really encourage you. This was such a fun post to write! This outfit was what I wore the last day Victoria and I were in Amsterdam. It had been gloomy most of the days we were there so you can clearly see how happy I am here, hah!

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What are some qualities that were on your non-negotiable list? Or, what would you recommend adding to this list? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We changed each other for the better and compliment one another so well. I could never imagine marrying someone who was so much like me. I love learning from him and he loves learning from me. The main thing…. People evolve and change.

Once someone meets you and gets to know you, their view on things may change. Go into a relationship with an open mind. I always knew I wanted my husband to respect me a a woman, wife and mother. Haley, you deserve all of that and more. I shared a lot of the items on your list, including faith requirement, which I, too, compromised on in the past.

Looking for a friend husband

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