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Just a myth? How many times have I heard those words used to dismiss an idea, opinion, story or concern? But I am going to take a slightly closer look at how rape myths influence attitudes toward sexual violence. The Oxford English Dictionary offers several definitions for the word myth, which include: 1.

A widely held but false belief or idea… 3. How easily we use that 2nd definition to dismiss a statement or a story, without fully realizing the power of the 1st and 3rd definitions of myth. Let me give you an example from the world of sexual assault. It is a myth.

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The statement is a widely held false idea. Because if we simply dismiss the statement as untrue without looking at its underpinnings, we may leave deeper roots of this story unchallenged somewhere deep within ourselves. In our folklore— our stories, songs, movies, etc.

The bad girls, on the other hand, speak out, wield their power, and shamelessly chase the object of their sexual desire. No, that would be victim-blaming, and none of us want to do that! But did we think them? At some level? Or that she thought someone in her world might think them. How many obstacles must she overcome, how much courage must she muster, to report a rape, tell her family and friends, and seek support?

The stakes are pretty high here. Survivors who feel heard, believed, loved and supported following a sexual assault are less likely to develop PTSD and other mental disorders down the road, such as depression and anxiety. This silence can prevent survivors from telling, seeking help, and asking for justice. It can reassure the abusers that their victims are unlikely to tell, because the cost of telling is so high.

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In some subcultures, there is even a belief that a girl who has already been raped cannot be raped again. So think for a moment about the archetypical women and girls you want to surround yourselves and your daughters with. Which images will you promote, and which will you question? There are 2 women who figure prominently in many Mexican stories, whose archetypal images inform norms about femininity.

The first is La Malinche… also known as Malinalli, the mistress of Hernan Cortez and mother of the first mestizo part Indian, part Spanish born in Mexico. Through her brilliant linguistic and diplomatic skills, she probably was key to assisting the Spanish conquest of the powerful Aztec Empire. Today she is viewed by many as a very bad woman. A traitor, a sexualized, promiscuous and dangerous woman who failed to protect her people. La Virgin is widely viewed in Mexico as a source of strength and spirituality.

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She symbolizes purity, wifeliness, and motherhood. She is not the type of woman who could be raped. Now, what happens when a culture of people being to identify women with either la Malinche or la Virgin?

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Sexuality can become a ificant dividing line among women, defining what kind of woman they are… or people see them to be. The stakes are high. When the stakes are this high, consider the plight of the survivor or rape or sexual abuse.

Will she tell?

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Will she seek support? Archetypes are the unknowable basic forms personified or concretized in recurring images, symbols, or patterns which may include motifs such as the quest or the heavenly ascent, recognizable character types such as the trickster or the hero, symbols such as the apple or snake, or images such as crucifixion…all laden with meaning already when employed in a particular work. Delahoide, M. Creative Writing Workshop. Thank you to our Funders.

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Good girls and bad girls: Looking more closely at one rape myth