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Outdoorsy Singles Taking a break from date 1 at Raoul's.

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Outdoorsy Singles Paddling with Veggie. I was sick of dating fussy intellectuals and well-groomed metrosexuals obsessed with pedicures and deer jeans. It was time to find a mountain man, a guy who could chop wood, rappel down an ice face, and run a wild river. Sure, I was worried about attracting porn addicts and other sleazoids. Today, more than five million singles are shopping in the U.

Prosl, 41, says he launched the business in the fall of after suffering one too many online encounters with women who shared none of his outdoor passions. The rest is easy. Membership is free. Most important, you rank your favorite sports. When I was 21, I trekked to 16, feet in the Himalayas to bring my boyfriend a beer on his birthday.

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Finally, to get the ball rolling, I scroll through the male profiles and send flirts to six guys who look promising. This guy seems up for it, though, judging by his e-mail. And maybe finding out whether a guy can catch me flying through the air will be a good test of his worthiness.

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I take it he wants to check out the bod, so I send him a picture of me in a bikini on a beach in Costa Rica, holding a fishing rod. How suggestive is that?

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Perhaps too suggestive. Next, a mountain biker drops a line and tells me to check out his profilewhich features a close-up of a gaping-mouthed striped bass where his own mug ought to be. One dude shows himself in camouflage with a rifle and a fevered look; another offers a photo of a prairie dog wearing a wig.

The women are camera shy, too, but when they do post snapshots, they steer clear of animal stand-ins. Next, I have an exchange with a med student in Nepal.

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Have you heard of the young man in Nepal who has been meditating in the forest for six months without food or drink? I suddenly picture myself in the Himalayan outback surrounded by yaks and a chanting, bony husband. I decide to stick a little closer to home. Vegetable Man sends two photos.

One shows him tearing down a slope, knee-deep in snow. I can barely see his face, but the action shot is sexy. The other reveals a balding guy with a sweet, boyish smile and charming green eyes. As the martini buzz comes on, I start feeling a faint attraction. Veg is in the back, breathing hard and struggling to steer. Our guide, Kayak Company owner Eric Stiller, is ahead of us.

You have to work as a team. Meanwhile, powerful currents are sucking us backwards into something that looks like Charybdis on crack. My date is barely speaking to me. I paddle hard on the right, Veg does the same, and we turn just in time to face the approaching water and surf over it. We turn around, catch a swift-moving current, and effortlessly glide back down the river. The sky has bruised to deep purple; glimmers of light from the Empire State Building skip off the jet-black water. On water, maybe.

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The spark between us fizzles. The next morning I get an e-mail from him. On a sunny Saturday, Mr. Wiz and I meet for a walk in Greenwich Village. We spend a few weeks figuring out what to do on a date. I also admit that the last time I went climbing was the only time. I was 11, at sleep-away camp in Vermont.

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I stood there for an hour before I made it down. We meet a few days later at a Manhattan climbing gym, a no-frills t with a hipster vibe. The place booms with the sounds of industrial rock and the occasional Santana tune. Wiz, who will soon be my belayer, gathers up our gear and hands me a harness.

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I grab on to a rock and start moving, making it halfway up pretty easily. I smile down at him. There are floor mats and, close above them, a rock-studded pitched ceiling. If I decide to jump his bones, this is the place to go for it. I look at him dripping with sweat. But I give him my anyway. He calls within seconds. Rawhide explains that he spent three years on active duty at an Army base in Louisiana, which leaves me to p that he did some reconnaissance work and scouting.

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As we walk to the lift, he offers to carry my snowboard; during the ride up, he compliments me on my jacket. At the top of the mountain, he flies ahead of me, showing off his style. After the show, he lets me catch up so we can board the rest of the trail side by side. Turns out, he kinda is. When we get to the bottom, he grabs me around the waist and attempts a tackle, which strikes me as pretty funny. If seduction skills were ased grade levels, this guy would be in junior high.

After we grab a few beers, I give him a ride to his Saturn. So was it a waste? All the preening, prep work, flirting, and escapades with near strangers was like dating exercise, and it got me totally on my game. The experience also taught me some useful lessons. Climbing with Mr.

Wiz taught me that people who tie you up can also bring you down. Most important, I learned that, sometimes, going off-piste in life is the best way to get back on track. It worked for me. He was a smart, ruggedly good-looking film producer. We agreed to meet at a pub. When he walked into the bar, he immediately knocked over the chair next to mine, and laughed. I was charmed by Looking for fun with swf quick recovery and melted over his gorgeous thick hair. The conversation was easy and relaxed. Even more amazing, he told me he loves to travel, ski, and go camping. I went to the home of SingleAndActive.

The offline guy and I are an item now, hard as it is to believe. Search Search. Wiping out with Rawhide. Larry Fink. Adventure Adventurous SWF seeking soul mate gets hottie and bothered. Twitter Icon. Outdoorsy Singles Booting up with Rawhide…. Outdoorsy Singles …Wiping out with Rawhide. Read this next. By: Megan Michelson. The Best Campground in Every State. By: The Editors.

Looking for fun with swf

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Personal Commissions: “She Said Yeah. SWF, sharpest knife in the drawer, and best looking too. You definitely want to get to know me. Seeking man who can keep up w/ me. No judgments. I’m pretty unconventional. Hopefully you like it that way.”