Looking for holiday season fun

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Anyone else?

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In a blink of an eye, December is nearly over! Between holiday parties and travel, everyone gets so busy and it can make planning activities even harder! The trick to making fun activities happen is planning in advance, which to be honest, is not my strong suit.

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I think I have commitment issues when it comes to weekend plans, haha! To make it more festive, get dressed up! A few years ago, I was in a supper club with thirteen girls. Sadly, almost everyone in the group has since moved from Chicago, but for Christmas we did a fun holiday dinner and simple gift exchange that was so much fun.

We drew names, but kept it a secret, then set a price point and exchanged gifts at our dinner! It was such a fun night and the gifts made it extra special. Last year, I went to holiday tea at The Drake Hotel with a few friends and it was so much fun.

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We got dressed in festive holiday attire and drank champagne, tea and ate fancy treats on a Sunday afternoon. For this one, you will need reservations in advance, and I recommend making them early as it books up fast! Do a quick search to find out which fun and free activities your city has going on during the holidays and take advantage.

Looking at Christmas lights makes me feel so nostalgic for my childhood and totally gets me in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy your own lights tour with friends or your partner for a fun, simple and romantic night out. I remember doing this back in school and loving it! Go in with friends or your family and spend an evening shopping for your adopted family.

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The holidays get expensive! Instead of buying everyone in your family a gift, draw names. It makes the holidays more enjoyable because we get to focus on spending time with each other, not shopping or worrying about our budgets.

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Serve light apps and drinks to turn it into a party, or make it family-friendly and set up a kids table too. The best part? The cookies mean that you have a built in party favor for everyone! Chicago has a beautiful outdoor skating rink in Millennium Park, and while I may not be good at ice skating, it sounds so much fun! Which of these sounds most fun to you?

Do you have any holiday activities you make a priority every year? What other holiday activities should I add to my list? BTW, peppermint avocado browniesand holiday tea at The Drake.

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Looking for holiday season fun

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