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Cape Breton Highlands National Park is known for its spectacular highlands and ocean scenery.

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Steep cliffs and deep river canyons carve into a forested plateau bordering the Atlantic Ocean. One third of the Cabot trail, a world-famous scenic highway, runs through the national park along the coasts and over the highlands.

It is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in Nova Scotia and is one of a system of national parks protecting outstanding Canadian landscapes.

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The cool maritime climate and rugged landscape of the park permit a unique blend of Acadian, Boreal and Taiga habitats, plants and animals. This special mix of northern and southern species is not found anywhere else in Canada. Within the park, several dozen species of rare or threatened plants and animals can be found, as well as old growth forests of international importance. Small populations of arctic-alpine plants left over from the last ice age can also be found here.

us for one of our special events throughout the year. Visitors must pre-register at campground kiosks or visitor centres. You will be led through the boreal forest to witness a breathtaking sunset over the Atlantic Ocean metres below.

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Coyotes Among Us Time: 9 pm in July pm in Aug Location: Broad Cove Campground Outdoor Theatre Duration: 1 hr Cost: included with entry fee Description: This presentation sheds some light on these elusive creatures and helps us to find our place in nature and enjoy the park safely and responsibly.

Visitors must pre-register at either visitor centres or campground kiosks. Space is limited. Description: Enjoy a transformative experience as you explore the night in a place where it truly gets dark. While being guided through the woods, the absence of artificial light challenges visitors to step outside their usual comfort zone and learn how to use their other senses during a journey into the nocturnal world. Songs and laughter guaranteed!

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Campfire Program Time: 8 pm Location: Broad Cove Campground beach — meet at benches in parking lot near beach Duration: 2 hrs Cost: included with entry fee Description: Awaken your senses in a stellar ocean setting. During a peaceful walk down the beach you will discover how this natural treasure came to be. Bring a chair or blanket and sit by the fire as you allow the tales from the past to spark your imagination.

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The whole family will be swept away by the rhythm of this hands- on "milling frolic". As the moonbeams glisten on the lake you will become spellbound by the tales of this place. You will bem led through the boreal forest to witness a breathtaking sunset over the Atlantic Ocean metres below. Phone: : cbhnp.

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Looking for Ingonish speaker

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