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In the womb of the Great Mother Earth, enveloped by the towering redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in La Honda, a bare-breasted Hawaiian beauty and a stately crone prepare to receive ordination. A purifying bonfire illuminates the black night as five women slowly circle with incense, a candle, a bell and bowls of water and earth. The two women are smudged with the smoke of burning sage, anointed with sacred oil and given the ceremonial accoutrements of the Dianic tradition of witchcraft: a necklace symbolizing rebirth, a scepter of leadership and a crown of honor.

Now high priestesses, they pledge to help women everywhere find their "strength, courage and beauty. The circle of women erupt into a delirium of dance, some prostrating themselves to the Great Mother and others sensually swaying like snakes.

Some may snicker, but this ritual represents one expression of a phenomenon that is sweeping not only alternative culture but mainstream religion as well: a surging desire, even demand, for recognition of the feminine face of God -- and of women as sacred sources of moral authority.

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Pondering whether feminist spirituality represents the next "intellectual revolution," Cullen Murphy -- the managing editor of Atlantic Monthly magazine -- writes that the "assessment may seem overblown, but in all likelihood it is not. Feminist spirituality is a hodgepodge of theologies, movements and motives, much of it sharply controversial and practiced both in and out of mainstream faiths.

But the various strands are bound by a conviction that women are as godly as men and must regain their rightful place of respect and leadership in the world's spiritual communities. Assertions of God's maleness -- the father, lord and master -- and biblical decrees for women to be silent and subordinate to men have propped up centuries of patriarchal practices, feminists argue. Recognition of a "divine feminine" -- or at least an all-embracing God that did not endow man with dominion over women -- would remove an enduring justification for sexist oppression, they say.

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Embracing the feminine aspect of God would also free women and men alike to fully tap their creative, life-giving powers -- and counteract violence, war and ecological destruction, says Episcopal priest and radical theologian Matthew Foxwhose Oakland-based University of Creation Spirituality teaches about the Goddess and other feminine wisdom traditions. Among the myriad expressions of feminist spirituality, some people are choosing Mother Nature as their metaphor for God or reviving the ancient worship of female deities -- Diana of Rome, Isis of Egypt, Kali of India.

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Some subscribe to a controversial archaeological theory that Neolithic cultures once worshiped a life-giving Goddess and, as a result, were models of peace, harmony and female leadership until they were invaded by warmongers who smashed the faith and installed a patriarchal god. Others accept as articles of faith that Christianity ripped off some of their symbols and celebrations: the sacred Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, they believe, was lifted from the pagan female trinity of maiden, mother and crone used to symbolize the cycle of life. For many of the women involved, however, the grand debates over competing religious visions are less immediate than the personal impact feminist spirituality has had on their lives.

Goddess followers say their experience of God the Mother is connected to the cycles of life and rhythms of nature and is powerfully healing. Aging women are honored as wise crones; overweight women find ancient Goddess figures abundant; women surrounded by male authority find inspiration in the power and beauty of such goddesses as Diana, the Roman huntress and protectress of living creatures.

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San Francisco resident Melusina Del Mar is organizing a theater to retell myths with a feminist twist -- "Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty" -- and hopes to launch a line of comic books featuring goddesses and superheroines. Catherine Wright left 20 years of life as a Catholic nun and now works in Los Angeles to raise the image of Mary Magdalene from redeemed prostitute to a powerful leader of the early church. Apartment manager Karen Tate of Los Angeles started organizing tours to ancient Goddess sites after feeling the pain of women's disempowerment symbolized, she said, by the abuse and slaying of Nicole Brown Simpsonand the frustration stemming from the subsequent murder trial.

Paula Vigneault of Santa Barbara came to embrace her own feminine nature, which she said she devalued for years while pursuing a competitive career in the sciences among the preferred company of men.

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They would sit around at work and talk about the great sale in toilet paper," said Vigneault, who proceeded to chuck a career in medicine and now runs a metaphysical bookstore and organizes annual Goddess conferences. Now I look at women, all women, and feel a connection. The "Goddess movement" has also spawned a busy conference circuit replete with events like the recent La Honda Goddess festival, which drew about women for workshops featuring American Indian pipe rituals, Hawaiian altar making, drumming, sacred dance and the like.

A panoply of services offer Goddess books and newsletters, tours to ancient Goddess shrines, specialty stores like The Goddess Shop in West Hollywood and sometimes quirky goods -- such as bright silk "moon scarves" to wear as a proud reminder of menstruation's blessing, rather than curse. Some spiritual feminists are tackling the grueling academic discipline of biblical scholarship. These scholars, masters of ancient languages and extraordinarily arcane analytical techniques, are reinterpreting traditional scripture and drawing on alternative documents to challenge what they see as sexism's theological grounding: the diminished role women have played in the Bible and the largely male interpretations of Scripture, such as blaming Eve for humankind's downfall in the Garden of Eden.

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Still others aim to reform mainstream faiths from within. They are flocking to theological schools and rabbinical institutes, taking on careers as ministers and rabbis, demanding that masculine references to God Looking to worship a woman Scripture, hymnals and prayer books be neutralized. According to the new book "Clergy Women: An Uphill Calling," women make up between 10 percent and 20 percent of all clergy for most American Protestant denominations, with the Unitarian-Universalist Association recording the highest proportion at 30 percent.

The study found that 63 percent of women, compared with 46 percent of men, strongly supported more use of female imagery of God and non-sexist language; 52 percent of women and 23 percent of men strongly supported greater leadership roles for women, including the use of affirmative action. And many more women are poised to enter the field, judging by the who are now studying at theological schools. Women made up nearly one-third of students in master of divinity programs -- which typically lead to ordained ministry -- incompared with 4.

Women are also reshaping Judaism, and now constitute about half the students in Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist rabbinical institutes, said Rabbi Bradley Artson of the Board of Rabbis in Los Angeles. Many Jewish prayer books have been updated -- including those at Goddess priestess Barrett's synagogue in Pacific Palisades.

In them, matriarchs are listed alongside patriarchs and God is described in such gender-neutral terms as "compassionate one," said Barrett, religious director for the Los Angeles- based Goddess group, Circle of Aradia. As a result, she comfortably practices both Goddess worship and Reconstructionist Judaism. Some among the religious faithful are rallying against the Goddess movement with indignation and alarm. The institute trains people to "counteract the influence of radical feminist spirituality" -- which she says bears such telltale ideological s as denial of the Bible's divine authority, acceptance of lesbianism and rejection of the Christian Trinity.

The group also protests such practices as women at one feminist religious conference lining up to take a defiant bite of an apple -- a symbolic celebration of Eve's heroics in seeking knowledge and wisdom. Rabbi Bradley Artson of the Board of Rabbis in Los Angeles said Goddess ideology -- sometimes promoted by women with "a chip on their shoulder" who see the feminine as blessed and masculine as cursed -- can disenfranchise feminist men like himself.

Artson also criticized theories that blame the Hebrews for smashing the Goddess faith and installing patriarchy. Those notions, promoted by such luminaries as the late mythologist Joseph Campbell, are tinged with anti-Semitism, he says. Knippers and others argue that the Jewish and Christian heritages, with their emphasis on individual, God-given rights, have in fact helped elevate women's status in many parts of the world.

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And defenders of the Catholic faith, which has come under particular fire for its ban on women's ordination, say it boasts a rich history of women saints, mystics, nuns, female leaders of hospitals and colleges -- and a celebrated adoration of arguably the most famous woman of the ages, Mary.

Why don't you start your own? Such attitudes find a ready retort from women like Andrea Johnsonnational coordinator for the Women's Ordination Conference, a Catholic organization aimed at winning women's right to become deacons and priests. Echoing the cry of feminists bound to reform their church from within, Johnson said, "The conservatives want us to leave, but our answer is: 'This is our church as much as it is yours.

You don't throw people out of the family.

Looking to worship a woman

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Seeking the Feminine in God / Goddess worship accentuates female origins of the Almighty