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Success or failure, I find being in the kitchen extremely comforting. I am your prime example of a stress-baker: just ask the chocolate chip cookies from last week, the oatmeal raisin walnut cookies bars from last night, the supplies for apple cheddar scones on my counter, and my plan to finally attempt to make bread—maybe…I think…when I work up the courage.

If you, too, are social distancing, quarantining, or isolating, now is a great time to try those recipes you have always wanted to try. Or, at the very least, you might stay 6 feet from the plate? First off, I know there are many people that enjoy Spam. But this is a whole other level:. This sandwich contains Spam, chicken, lettuce, tomato, olives, butter, and more mayonnaise than seems possible.

Yes, that is frosted with a mixture of mayo, whipped cream, and hard-cooked eggs. You might understand how, upon seeing it for the first time, I may have mistaken it for a cake? Also, the bottom of that post has links to additional posts about frosted sandwiches. Before leave sandwiches in this post, historically speaking, there are thousands and thousands of sandwich fillings.

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Here are a few from This is just one of several newspaper-sized s of recipes from this four-sheet fold out. Personally, I might dive face first into some of these, but at least a few might have me considering my options. For those of you fond of savory pies, you might consider branching out into lesser used proteins in these modern times:. Lastly, anyone who follows the culinary blog inactive as I have been lately—apologies for that! The first includes some more savory, protein packed gelatin.

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Rice and fish? Chicken mousse? Ham and celery? Yes, I poke fun, but to put these recipes in context, was two years into the Great Depression. Economy was key in the kitchen would remain so for nearly another decade. Recipes like this used up every bit of leftovers. The second contains mainly sweeter, fruit-based jiggling recipes, but I would point on the one made entirely of olives and cherries. Olives with pimentos. It can comfort us and connect us to memories in surprising ways and these days, we might just need that kind of emotional hug.

Cheers and good snacking! Every year Special Collections and University Archives, in partnership with the University Libraries and Virginia Tech Student Engagement and Campus Life, hosts annual remembrance exhibits to highlight the outpouring of love and support the university received in the aftermath of the tragedy of April 16, Although we are unable to host physical exhibits this year due to the Covid pandemic, we have continued the remembrance exhibit online.

The exhibit Unknown Origins: Anonymous gifts in the April 16, Condolence Archives highlights the messages Virginia Tech received from unknown individuals, organizations, or places following the events of April 16, It features anonymous donations and gifts of unknown origin, paying homage to those who want to be part of the mourning and recovery process but do not necessarily want to be known.

When looking at a final product a building facade, polished interiors it can be easy to forget just how many choices went into creating something cohesive. When thinking about de, it can be a long and iterative process of drafting, layering, modeling — leaving aside sourcing materials and overseeing construction — this amounts to creating and blending images to form novel yet coherent aesthetics.

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The Willis-deed Palladian villa cum rustic ranch in Napa Valley, called River Run, is emblematic of this mode of de thinking. This is an interesting example of how works are often colored by different influences that are channeled through a deer. Willis seems to view it as a process of simplification — synthesis and streamlining.

In its early years, the institution served as an allegory of the rough, rag-tag, Appalachian spirit we see still embodied through a beaten-up lunch pail at football games and the largely blue-collar valley that envelops us.

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Tech, unlike its sister institutions William and Mary and the University of Virginia, has never owned any enslaved people by circumstance of its post-antebellum founding in That is not to say, however, that the grand 2,acre Blacksburg campus has never met or benefited from the harsh legacy of slavery. Prior to last year, you most likely would not see him listed on the Virginia Tech Black History Timeline.

I have been working with the collection since late and several SCUA staff had been involved with it since the collection first arrived in The collection is a behemoth with 7, maps, about 3, survey books and ledgers, numerous photographs, and much more. When I was processing the collection a few years ago, I was very fortunate to have a student majoring in mining and minerals engineering here at Tech working on the project. Ryan Mair graduated inbut before he left, he drafted a couple of blog posts about the collection, since he had extensive knowledge about it and the mining industry.

Figure 1. Map of Itmann Coal Mines No. This map in Figure 1 is a production scheduling map of the Itmann No. Maps of this type are used to depict the planned progression of mining operations with respect to a standard unit of time. This particular map progresses each future section of mining by year. The production schedule presented by this map was to start in and continue until the year The colored sections of the map represent what year coal production will occur in that area of the mine. Black lines are used to depict the property lease line and surface features, such as the buildings of the preparation plan.

These mines extracted coal from the No. Coal from the Pocahontas seams was highly sought after because of its rare quality. Pocahontas coal was especially prized by the U. Navy because it produces high temperatures while emitting little to no visible smoke when burned.

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Figure 2. Diagram illustrating typical underground mining operation using room-and-pillar mining techniques from Arch Coal, Inc. The mines depicted in the Itmann map Figure 1 use two different methods to extract coal from the earth.

Interview With a West Virginian I Picked Up Alongside the Road

Mines No. The shape of the pillars is typically that of a square or rectangle. Pillar dimensions vary with every mine de but are reliant upon the mechanical properties of the coal and the geological stresses present in the mine. The No. Retreat mining is done at the end of the life of a mine when the coal deposit had been depleted through normal room and pillaring.

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Retreat mining is not always done due to the danger associated with it the unpredictable nature of the roof collapse. By removing selected pillars the mine roof or back is allowed to collapse while additional stress is placed on the remaining pillars. In some cases too much stress can be placed on a pillar. When a pillar reaches its maximum stress and fails, it shatters, sending rock and coal fragments violently through the air followed by the caving of roof around the area where the pillar once stood.

Figure 3. Diagram illustrating typical underground mining operation using longwall mining techniques from Arch Coal, Inc. A diagram of this method can be seen in Figure 3. As the machine cuts the coal free from the working face, an armored conveyor running parallel with the face transports the coal away. As the cutting and conveyor system move forward, it leaves the unsupported rock layers above to cave in a controlled manner in an area behind the machine.

To protect the longwall mining system and the miners at the working face, numerous large hydraulic shields support the roof near the working face. These shields advance with each pass of the cutting head across the face. Longwall mines have considerably faster production capacities than traditional room and pillar mining but have more delays associated with the step and transportation of the equipment.

The bleeders serve to open up a path to the area while providing pathways for the ventilation of fresh air to the area. The bleeders are especially needed in the case of mining coal that contains high amounts of entrapped methane gas which is highly combustible.

With the bleeder it is possible to degas or render the gas inert with enough fresh airflow. The pillars in bleeder entries are often called chain pillars and are left intact throughout the life of the mine to protect the ventilation and passageways.

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In the northern section of the Itmann map Figure 1there are two geologic features that are identified. The two areas shaded in red denote areas where the coal on the property is less than 36 inches thick. Areas of deep underground coal that are less than 36 inches of coal are essentially too thick to mine profitably. Additionally, such areas make it difficult for both miner and machine to maneuver effectively. Partings can be less than one inch to several feet in thickness. Thick partings are areas of coal to avoid when mining since the harder rock of the parting can excessively wear or damage cutting he and requires more intense processing of the coal material at the surface plant.

Figure 4. Diagram of explosion area of Itmann No. Richmond, G. Price, M. Sapko, and E. Kawenski, Bureau of Mines Information Circular ,

Mature chat in Itmann West Virginia WV

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