My last date stood me up

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Dating can be a lot of fun. But with all the good stuff, there are just as many nerves that come along with putting yourself out there — awkward dates, a lack of chemistry, or dates that don't happen at all because the other person doesn't show. Being stood up is awful and difficult to navigate, and how you react in the moment can be just as confusing.

Do you reach out? Do you wait it out?

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Is it OK to cry? Before you react, knowing how to make a situation where you think you're being stood up less painful and uncomfortable is a good place to start. The first step, according to Alessandra Conti, matchmakerdating expert and co-founder of Matchmakers In The Cityis to just accept that sometimes it happens, but it's hardly the end of the world. Still on for tonight? If you are running a few minutes late, it is best to let them know, or you might risk them thinking that they are the one getting stood up!

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First things first, don't panic. Using this in-between time to keep yourself distracted gives your mind less time to wander. After that initial minute window, however, if your date still hasn't shown, Conti says your best bet is to just try and reach out and see how they respond. They also may be at the actual location, but can't find you, so if you are waiting, do not assume the worst.

If 10 minutes feels too soon, Baratz recommends tacking on an extra 5. Baratz echoes this decision. Deciding what to do next, however, is up to you. Dating is tough. You never know what kind of emotional issues the other person is dealing with. Maybe they have crippling social anxiety, and had a panic attack on the way to see you. Maybe they just got out of a traumatic relationship, and thought that they were ready to date, but ended up not being [ready] after all. In this case, it really isn't you.

And Baratz agrees.

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Lee recommends a lot of positive self-talk. They don't deserve me wasting another ounce of emotion or energy when I should be focusing on being the best version of myself for the best person out there waiting for me. It might be to treat yourself to a big meal at that restaurant, or a stroll along the river. For some, being stood up can play into a larger narrative we tell ourselves, and that thinking can be harmful. The best way to deal with the situation, says Huerta, is to avoid being hard on yourself and do some self care.

Call your best friend or someone you can talk to as you're leaving if you feel embarrassed.

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While being stood up in the moment can really suck, take it from someone who has been there: The sting goes away quickly and, who knows? Maybe being stood up is a blessing in disguise. We ended up chatting for the rest of the night, had an absolute ball, and going out for a few months.

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Try to remember that it's not your fault that you got stood up, and that it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Your future partner will be so lucky this person blew their chance with you. Todd Baratzcertified sex therapist, d individual and couples psychotherapist, podcast host, and writer.

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Martha Tara Leerelationship counselor, clinical sexologist, author, and owner of Eros Coaching. First Dates. By Rachel Shatto. Updated: June 21, Originally Published: Aug. Do your best not to internalize those feelings. Search Close.

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What to Do If You Get Stood Up