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In fact, oral sex is widely known as the most reliable way to give a person with a vulva the big O. Studies consistently show that the vast majority of vulva-owners require clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm, and oral sex puts the clit front and center. This is just science, friends. The issue?

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Given the state of sex-ed in America, we're assuming you didn't hear the word "clitoris" in school. Then there's the fact that the clit often gets ignored in mainstream penetration-focused pornography. So if you're not quite sure how to eat pussy, it's not entirely your fault. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve your oral sex technique.

From incorporating toys, to trying different positions, to using your tongue in unique ways, we have all the expert-approved information you need to up your game. These are the best oral sex tips for the next time you're going down on your partner. Start with neck kisses, move down to their belly, inner thighs, and all around the vulva.

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Run your tongue around their nipples. You can even bring in a feather tickler to run all over their body and up and down the labia. We love this simple one from LoveHoney. No matter how casual a pussy eating encounter is, it deserves reverence and respect.

Lighter is better when you start giving oral. The clitoral glans are hella sensitive, so be mindful of going too hard. Clitorises and vulvas usually require different degrees of firmness when it comes to touching and licking. This creates a larger surface space, which feels better initially to most people.

Showing interest in what brings your partner pleasure is a huge turn-on. Every person's body is different, and people enjoy being stimulated in a variety of ways.

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Ask your partner what they want you to do to them. It definitely makes for some sparkling dirty talk.

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Ask and then do exactly what they says. Vibrators are a way to up the ante on the whole experience. Try running your tongue around the clitoris while you insert the toy into the vaginaif your partner enjoys penetration.

You can also use a vibrator to stimulate the anal opening and perineum while you use your tongue on the clitoris. This is like a masterclass in how they like to come. If your partner likes more targeted, pinpointed pleasure, Play suggests getting the tip of the tongue in your oral game. Honestly, mindfulness during oral sex is probably the best tip you could ever receive. Here are some examples of how to solicit oral sex feedback:. Have you heard of the Womanizer or Satisfyer? These clitoral suction toys use a combination of suction and air to circle the clitoris and simulate oral sex.

They are wildly popular—which is why it might be a good idea to mimic the sensation with your own mouth. And if you want to bring in a sucking sex toy while you use your hands or tongue for a little penetration, more power to you. Pay attention to both verbal and physical cues. The things we do, rather than say, can be helpful guides to what someone is liking or not liking. There is nothing hotter than someone who absolutely loves eating pussy. To give you even more real-ass tips, I decided to ask a bunch of my internet friends who love nothing more than answering all of my intense questions about eating boxes.

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Need someone to go down on

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