Needs to be Yonkers

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City Hall and annex city offices are open for walk-in visits. You must first start by contacting your City Council Representative to get a Resolution introduced and passed by the Council. The Resolution will then authorize the banner to be hung. You or your organization must provide the Banner s - the City of Yonkers does not provide banners. After approval has been granted by the City Council, your group must then provide the banner s to the Department of Public Works for the actual process of hanging the banner. Please note: banners will no longer be accepted by the DPW Commissioners office.

The entire process can be time consuming, so you must allow sufficient time for the Resolution to be voted upon, and for DPW to schedule to Needs to be Yonkers the banner. For a schedule of City Council meetings, review the City Council webs. The City Council, similar to any parliamentary body, acts by Resolution. A Resolution is any type of legislation voted on by the City Council for action - it can include an honorarium, a general ordinance, a local law, or a home rule message. A proclamation and an honorarium are ceremonial resolutions, created to honor individuals for special accomplishments or commemorate special occasions in the City.

These also can be presented in printed form at the ceremony or event. These do not have any force of law behind them. A Home Rule is a special type of Resolution from the City Council to the State Legislature, requesting legislative action on some topic of relevance to the City. These are typically required by certain State regulations before the State can take certain legislative actions affecting Yonkers.

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These are very specific resolutions. Mayor yonkersny. The phone is Representatives of the Office of Emergency Management respond to all major incidents within the City of Yonkers. The Auxiliary Police are men and women who volunteer their time to assist the Yonkers Police Department with crowd and traffic control.

These men and women serve as the eyes and ears of the Yonkers Police Department. The Office of Emergency Management Support Services Unit is a group of residents who under the direction and request of OEM will provide manpower support to shelters, provide scene lighting, assist with damage assessments, evacuations of building, etc on an emergency 24 call basis. Please bring this condition to our attention. Most people feel that drivers speed on their own block; this is a city-wide condition.

We will conduct a speed study in order to determine if any changes or corrective measures are necessary. The installation of a handicapped parking space on a residential street requires the submission of a completed Handicapped Parking Space Application. Under certain restricted conditions a handicapped parking space will be installed after review by the Handicapped Parking Board. Please contact the Traffic Engineering Division directly for an application.

Traffic controls such as Stop s and traffic als are installed if the of a completed traffic Needs to be Yonkers study indicate that a new control would really be helpful. Requests for new intersection traffic controls should be submitted in writing directly to the Traffic Engineering Division.

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We will conduct an appropriate survey to determine if changes to the intersection controls should be made. Please contact the Traffic Engineering Division so that we may investigate. Keep in mind that sometimes a light is red for a long time in order to give a pedestrian enough time to safely cross a wide street. A green light on a side street may appear to change too quickly. However, roadway sensors are sometimes used to adjust the amount of green time.

If only one or two cars are on the side street, the green light may change quickly. Before you can receive a permit for placing a canister on the street, the permit applicant needs an insurance policy on file with a one million dollar liability and must have the City of Yonkers Engineering Department additionally insured and as a certificate holder on the policy see insurance policy sample. A start date when you would like to start the work.

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In addition, a check or money order made out to the City of Yonkers for the appropriate amount which must be submitted in person. To obtain a new water meter, you need to come to City Hall roomwith a check or money order made out to the City of Yonkers for the appropriate amount see Water Shop Price List and fill out a permit.

Prior to coming to our office, you need to know the size of Needs to be Yonkers meter from the old meter. If you do not know the size, you may call the Water Shop at to find out. Upon, paying for the meter, bring your permit to the water shop located at Saw Mill River Road and you will receive your new meter. Go to the City Hall building address posted on our. The office hours are posted as well. This is normal. The WALK is intended to get you started across the street. The City evaluates vendor bids on a case-by-case basis. Bids for commodities, trade services, and public work construction will be awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible vendor complying with all bid requirements and specifications.

Solicitations for professional services will be awarded to the vendor whose proposal is determined to offer the best value after considering qualifications, experience, cost, and compliance with all solicitation and legal requirements. for the Purchasing Department web. In fairness to all Needs to be Yonkers, the City will only award contracts for commodities, trade services, and construction to the lowest responsive and responsible vendor complying with all bid requirements and specifications.

Contracts for professional services will be awarded to the vendor whose proposal is determined to be the best value after considering qualifications, experience, cost, and compliance with all solicitation and legal requirements. Please visit the City's Calendar of Events for upcoming workshops.

Register with BidNet Direct. This is a regional bid notification system where the City of Yonkers and over other municipalities post all solicitations. Registration is free, but vendors must register to access the site. Once registered, you can download solicitations and respond electronically to informal Request For Quotations. Please visit the BidNet Direct website to learn more about the advantages of registering your business. For more information about how the City finds vendors to participate in our solicitations, please review " A Vendor's Guide to Contracting with the City of Yonkers.

It is the assessor's job to ensure that properties are assessed fairly. If your assessment is correct and your tax bill still seems too high, the assessor cannot change that. Complaints to the assessment department should concern the full market value used for the assessment of your property or about an exemption you did or Needs to be Yonkers not receive, not the amount of your tax bill. Determine what you feel is the current full market value of your property and see if that is in line with the full market value that the assessment department has which is available via our Online Property Viewer.

Informal meetings with assessment department staff about any assessment related issue pertaining to the next tentative assessment roll can be scheduled to take place throughout the year. If after speaking with assessment department staff and reviewing the next tentative assessment roll published annually on November 1st, you still feel you are unfairly assessed, ask for an appeal form so you can make a case for an assessment reduction to the Board of Assessment Review.

Assessment appeal forms can be submitted to this department from November 1st through November 15th annually for the current tentative assessment roll. The New York State Publication, Contest Your Assessment describes how to make a case for an assessment reduction to the Board of Assessment Review, and provides the instructions for filing a complaint. If you would like to change your personal information on your tax bill or any other information pertaining to your bill, please contact the Assessment Department at To change your personal information regarding your waterplease contact the water billing department at This interest amount is charged from the confirmation date of the tax to the date of the payment.

It is a reduction in the total assessment of a property because an individual or an entity meets certain criteria, e. A property's assessment is the same as, or a percentage of, market value as of a specific date. Market value is how much a property would sell for under normal conditions. Assessments are determined by the Assessor who independently estimates the value of real property in an assessing unit.

Assessing units follow municipal boundaries - county, city, town, or village. Please click " How is Property Assessed " for additional information. Please click " About property taxes and assessments " for a video. : CityAssessor yonkersny. Complaint forms may be downloaded from the Forms section of the Consumer Protection.

An Inspector will investigate, may issue violations, and will attempt to get any money refunded, that you may be entitled to. The CPB Helpline. A representative will be able to tell you if a contractor is properly d to work in Yonkers.

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Window bars and security doors in bedrooms must be releasable from the interior of the unit without keys, tools, combinations or special knowledge to operate. Refer to the City of Yonkers website for further information. However, the Yonkers Police Department does. Police officers who are New York State certified Child Safety Seat Technicians inspect car seats for proper installation, make adjustments if needed, and demonstrate proper installation techniques.

Last year, officers checked, installed or re-installed over car seats. In addition to scheduled events Needs to be Yonkers the year, the Community Affairs Division offers Child Safety Seat checks by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment call The YFD does not recharge, refill or service fire extinguishers. It would be a conflict of interest and unethical for us to recommend a specific vendor.

Please look in the yellow s or internet for companies who perform these services. The Residential Code of N. New Patios less than or equal to sq. However, there are certain Zoning requirements that restrict the location and size of the patio. If you intend on removing, replacing, adding shingles or replacing sheathing and shingles on the roof a permit is required. You may request a verification of employment via fax or e-mail. Faxed requests should be sent to the Department of Human Resources at E-mail requests should be sent to HRDept yonkersny. If you have questions on a verification you have already submitted, please call You can obtain a general employment application by stopping at the Department of Human Resources located at 1 Larkin Center, 2 nd floor.

You can also obtain the application on our website. Tryouts are held throughout the year.

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Yonkers Tsunami is also a member of the Westchester County League in the summer. Camp Rays will be offered to Yonkers residents only for the first two weeks of registration. We invite our neighbors from out of town to register beginning the third Monday following the start date of registration.

Certification is not a requirement. All have experience working with young children, and special levels of patience and energy to do so very effectively. Fallen branches from private trees can be picked up by sanitation on the 2 nd pickup day of the week if put into 3 x 3 ft.

Anything larger can be brought to the organic yard located at Nepperhan Avenue.

Needs to be Yonkers

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