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Maddox usually opens the doors of Neptune's Lagoon, his by-the-hour Jacuzzi-rental business in Anaheim, around noon every day to little fanfare. But on April 3, it wasn't early-bird customers who greeted him, but more than 20 code-enforcement officers, officials with California's labor-standards enforcement, and undercover police in tactical uniforms and ski masks.

They said they were simply here to support code enforcement.

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After that brief introduction, the officials proceeded to ransack the Lagoon. They seized its phones. Four of Maddox's friends who were hanging out in a back storage building were handcuffed and detained after labor standards officers determined—without any proof—they were employees paid under the table. Code enforcement found two small storage rooms built inside the original foundation that were not up to code and demanded he knock them down. Maddox didn't know it then, but the Anaheim Police Department, Code Enforcement and Labor Standards placed four massage parlors in Anaheim under the same lockdown and sweep that day.

At each place, the phalanx of uniformed officers neglected to tell owners why they were disrupting their businesses. It wasn't until later that they said they were looking for victims of human trafficking. The worst part of it? The destructive show was all for naught.

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Not one of the business owners was ever charged with a crime. At a hearing before the state Department of Industrial Relations' Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, officers couldn't offer definitive proof that Maddox illegally employed his friends.

Agent Sammy Sima told hearing officer James W. Jackson that Maddox's friends admitted to him that they were employees.

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Yet when asked for the ed confessions, Sima said he didn't have them because the buddies never ed anything. Maddox is now left with a demolished room that must be rebuilt, shaken-up friends and a loss of business due to customer backlash from the raid. Though he's not surprised the public at large is skeptical of the business, he addresses it without prompting.

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You're much safer coming in here. It's why Maddox gets visibly angry when talking about the Anaheim PD's allegation of human trafficking. Honestly, if I wanted that kind of place, why would I do Jacuzzis? Why would I want to clean that out? One of two such establishments left in Southern California, Neptune's has served customers since from a strip mall off Beach Boulevard and Ball Road, sandwiched between dilapidated motels. The lobby carpet is the kind of navy blue that doesn't show stains, and the walls are covered in Roman-Greco decorations that match the oddly proportioned Greek statues in the lobby.

The rooms, meanwhile, look like a Hunter S. Thompson version of the Madonna Inn. Mismatched tiles decorate the walls and floors, and the tubs sit underneath strange, beaded chandeliers that look like they were hung during the Ford administration.

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It used to look worse, according to Maddox, who bought Neptune's Lagoon three years ago and is proud of what he has accomplished. I want it to look nice for my clients. The police should be asking the Ritz-Carlton the same question. He asserts 80 percent of his clients are couples, with the remainder being small groups or singles.

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Maddox can't stop thinking about the ordeal, and he'll rant about it nonstop. More than anything, he blames law enforcement's assumptions coupled with their lack of evidence. They came in here under the guise of supporting code enforcement so they didn't have to get a warrant. In an interview with the WeeklyAnaheim PD public-information officer Tim Schmidt claimed Neptune's had long been suspected of sex trafficking and said they conduct multidepartment sweeps on a regular basis.

When asked how they are able to conduct a criminal investigation and raid a business without a warrant, he didn't offer a comment. When asked for examples of Neptune's engaging in sex trafficking, he skipped the question. The departments of code enforcement and labor standards didn't return calls or s seeking comment. Meanwhile, Maddox will continue on. I can run this place by myself.

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Neptunes lagoon sex

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