Open to more than friends

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Due to a misunderstanding, Lee Soo and Kyung Woo-Yeon have held a crush on each other for over 10 years. Lee Soo works as a photographer and he is attractive. Kyung Woo-Yeon works as a calligrapher. She has had a crush on Lee Soo for the past 10 years, since she was 18 years old. Source: AGB Nielson.

Name required. Mail required but will not be published. I gave a chance to the lead actress but I hate her character here. I am sorry but the way she dress it's soooo dull plus her face and expression is so dull. I am already depressed and she always adds up on it whenever I continue watching this drama.

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I wanna finish it but darn this girl gives me nega and depressing vibes. I understand Seong-Wu's character and I dnt hate it. I hate the jun su guy coz he is so assuming and in Filipino word "feelingero". Super boastful like as if he can let the girl like him coz he likes her. What is he? It's been almost a year that I've been trying to finish it but because of the depressing vibes the FL and male second lead gives me I just can't finish it!

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On Ep I can't forget how dull the aura of the FL here. Seong-Wu should have another drama like Moments of The FL there is cute and charming esp when she smile. Unlike the FL here, when she smile it's still dull and when she's not smiling or angry or sad it's tooo depressing. I am also irritated with her whenever she talk to her parents. The face the expression.

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It makes me more depressed. Ra May 17 am Everyone says that they hate this drama because of the toxic relationship and ong seungwoo's annoying character, while he actually can't be blamed he's just doing what he was told. Besides all the toxicity, I like this drama very much, I've watched up to ep 10 but im planning to finish it. For someone like me who doesn't really like type of drama required too much thinking, it is worth to watch. Also the storyline and the theme really relate to me.

It's kinda drama that you can see every scenes in your daily life. Great works of the actors, actresses and staffs. It reminds me of seeing shin yeun blaming herself because this dram is very low rated. Poor of her. Ren Apr 21 pm Kinda hate this kind of drama Forcing toxic relationship Reminded me of Start Up ending.

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Poor Joon-Soo Jsh Apr 10 pm This drama is really bad Really want to stop watch it. When the story line is the worst The lead actor role is so annoying and such a loser. Not recommended. Like, gurl u so dumb and gave another chance to the person who hurt you for years when u should be choosing the guy who loves you Annie Mar 29 am I just finished the whole drama. Too sad to say but I hope no one ever go through this kind of hardship in love.

This drama also gave some practical and valuable lessons in life that I hope we may all learn and apply it well so that we wont make the same mistakes at what the characters did. Congratulations to the actors for giving life to the characters. To the directors and writers, that you for delivering this kind of drama so that we may learn and appreciate what kind of love is in front of us. You all made my watching More than Friends worthwhile. Ra-Ra Mar 11 am This show is the worst.

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And when I say show, I specifically mean the script, the writing; in this situation you can only blame the writers, I mean the actors and actresses can only make do with what they got. They all did a pretty good job playing their roles, but the issue is how their roles were created. Woo-Yeon was also contradicting herself over and over again, through her actions.

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It was like drama was created for the sake of creating drama. They only love each other when things are seemingly smooth in their lives, unlike the side characters who seemed like a better relationship in Open to more than friends considering they were willing to be with each other despite the tough times. Woo-Yeom really made herself out to be a victim, but had it been the other way around I was expecting so much from this drama ever since I saw the hype it got on twitter.

It has promising start but I dropped it half way. Sorry, but toxicity is not my cup of tea. On jun su is the best Mar 09 am I stopped at the part that Woo yeon broke up with Jun su You know what its kinda annoying Literally she just gave a second chance to lee su even Lee su hurt woo yeon's feeling and He is so selfish he should let Them date on ep They should've date again with Jun su Jun su is a great man and he is so gentle man He didn't even hurt Woo yeon's feelings For me this kdrama is very stressful for me.

I find the character of the male main lead very annoying. The story is only good at start. George Blake Mar 02 pm Does someone know about the song which is listening by the actress when she is walking to her school in episode 1?

Can someone explain to meeeeee??? Why do they need to be apart if they really love each other? Reema Feb 24 am I binge watched this drama and honestly, I find some of the scenes very immature especially the break up while chasing their own dreams. Tho I cannot hate Lee Su for some reason and I totally understand Woo yeon for liking him for 10 years as it still happens to some people. I just find it frustrating that it took them awhile before they've realized that they need to voice out what they really feel because actions aren't enough.

Thankfully, the writer did an explanation as to why woo yeon suddenly asked to break up cause the waiting game for the two lead is already too much. But overall it was an okay drama, fell for Ong Seung Woo's lovely voice.

Fazraz Feb 21 am Am i the only think that the main lead lady was annoying? The pacing is incredibly slow and none of the main characters are particularly interesting - the side characters are the only thing keeping me watching and I kind of wish it was about their stories instead tbh. I think this is a nice one to watch alongside a more intense drama, so you can have a nice break and an easy watch haha. Understand the plot. Feb 13 am Finished all 16 ep.

An OK drama.

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Immaturity, wrong decisions, misunderstanding, etc caused Woo-yeon to breakup with Lee Soo. Understand the plot Feb 12 am Ep Her year dilemma. Amanda Feb 08 pm Open to more than friends is a good drama even though it's not the best, I like the plot of how Lee Soo acts stupid because he can't distinguish his feelings for women it's all natural because the conflict between his parents makes his character like that woo yeon looks very pathetic but that is the thing he has already chosen and he can not lie to his feelings, I guess every character has a good reason why they become like that a heartwarming drama especially beautiful shots and words that make you realize some things about life that sometimes have a time of their own.

It's now on my k drama list. I really love how realistic this story was. Every episode has a life lesson, and it's nice to make every lines as an advice. Everything is just so realistic, somewhere in the world, there is someone who could be going through this. And this is the greatest way to interpret what could happen and could not.

Kim Feb 04 am. I'm only at ep. For sure Lee Su is really a jerk for still asking Woo Yeon to be friends even after flatly rejecting her twice. But I personally knew some people who is like him so I can't just disregard that this can't happen in real life. I just really feel sad for Woo Yeon.

Open to more than friends

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