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Teacher Blames Underage Student For Sexual Relationship: ‘He Caught Me In My Weakest Moments'

If you are charged with exposing yourself to a minor under 14 years of ageor this is your second offense, you may be charged with a gross misdemeanor or felony. If you are convicted of Indecent Exposure you could be facing jail time, trouble securing employment and difficulty renting an apartment or finding housing.

Often times Indecent Exposure charges are prosecuted in city courts with differing procedures and penalties.

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A misdemeanor Indecent Exposure charge may sound relatively harmless, but it can have a long-lasting impact on your ability to obtain housing, find employment. Additionally, sex crimes like Indecent Exposure create ificant barriers to employment for many people and can cause reputation harm in the community. For many people charged with Indecent Exposure charges in Washington State this is the first time they have been on the wrong side of the law.

Additionally, there may have been a misunderstanding. RCW 9A. The act of breastfeeding or expressing breast milk is not indecent exposure. There are two main defenses that defendants generally assert when they are charged with indecent exposure. Urinating in Public : In many cases when a defendant urinates in public this may be confused for indecent exposure. If you were intoxicated or simply needed to urinate then the police officer may cite you for urinating in public, but this is not a crime. Additionally, if you have been charged with indecent exposure and your intention was to urinate then negotiation with the prosecution or police may result in a criminal charge being amended to an infraction of "urinating in public.

Lack of Intent : Washington State law requires that for a defendant to be charged with indecent exposure "he or she intentionally makes any open and obscene exposure. If the act was unintentional or accidental then this is a defense to a charge of indecent exposure. Sometimes a defendant will admit that they have a problem and simply want help. I have the knowledge and connections to allow you to seek treatment without exposing you to increased scrutiny for seeking Public sex Bellevue.

I will be able to prepare you for a psychosexual evaluation and prepare you for treatment. When you seek treatment you arm yourself and your attorney with a valuable tool in Public sex Bellevue the punishment that a judge or prosecutor may seek. When a judge or prosecutor sees that you are proactively addressing these mental health issues your punishment may be reduced.

However, some states do require registration on a sex offender registry for a conviction of indecent exposure. If you do move states and move to a state that requires registration, then you may have to register as a sex offender. This is generally true if you were convicted for a "gross misdemeanor" because the "victim" was under 14 years of age.

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In Washington State a conviction of Indecent Exposure can be vacated and removed from your criminal record. Vacating your criminal record of indecent exposure generally requires a three year peroid since the conviction.

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During this period you must have not had any new criminal charges. Indecent Exposure in Washington State. Defenses There are two main defenses that defendants generally assert when they are charged with indecent exposure. Mental Health Treatment for Indecent Exposure Sometimes a defendant will admit that they have a problem and simply want help.

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