Relationships arent easy

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Do you ever wonder why the people you date ghost you? A few days ago, I was taking a Lyft to a coffee shop. He asked me, as a relationship writerwhy do you think most relationships fail? Unfortunately, our ride together was too short to get into it, so I decided writing it out might Relationships arent easy helpful for anyone out there who is dating, struggling, and starting to feel a little frustrated. When my partner and I first started dating, he lacked the ability to communicate. Whenever I would voice my feelings, he would shut down. My partner had never been in a serious relationship before me.

If neither one of you is willing to fix this issue, the likelihood of your relationship succeeding is slim. But, if you are interested in fixing this issue, here are a few helpful tips:. It takes a lot of patience and strength. However, the moment the two of you start getting better, it gets easier, and your relationship blossoms.

I have a friend who is currently divorced. He and his wife married young and they had a lot of troubles within their marriage early in the beginning. She felt like he was lazy, and he felt, well, he felt like she was a real bitch. Instead of encouraging and uplifting him in his endeavors, she would constantly nit-pick him.

What are the chances of you actually making it? Why do I have to pick up your slack? This form of contempt can tear a relationship apart.

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Go figure. You have to consciously choose how to communicate with your partner. If you feel like they are slacking, or being lazy, or doing something you strongly dislike, you need to come to them in a respectful manner. Not a demeaning one.

Put yourself in their shoes.

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How would you like to be approached? You should always encourage your partner to be their best self. For example, a common change people try to make is religious beliefs. I had a boyfriend who was a passionate Muslim. You should never enter a partnership with that type of thinking.

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Why should they have to change? And why should you? There are over 7 billion people in the world.

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Find someone who aligns with your beliefs, your lifestyle and your values rather than getting with someone in the hopes of them realigning with yours. He asked me who I went on this vacation with. Relationship counselor Amanda Major says. There are lots of ways you can look at jealousy. Very often, feeling jealous is a very human response; it can be very destructive. Either way, both are terrible options.

This is why 90% of relationships don't last - Esther Perel (You can need to know this)

Whatever negative things you have dealt with in past relationships, you have to learn to heal from them before entering a new relationship. Prior to taking a dating hiatusI never understood how to deal with conflicts and heal from them. I remember being cheated on by one boyfriend and being paranoid that the same exact thing would happen with the person I dated after the cheater. It led to distrust and a lot of anxiety.

Take some time to reflect on the past before getting into something new and serious.

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You may, for example, realize your ex had some qualities you never again want to deal with. There are a lot of reasons why relationships fail. However, there are still certain things that are in your control, especially when it comes to dating. Sometimes you just need to check yourself.

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Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. in. Felicia C. And how you can avoid this happening over and over again. Dayana Sabatin Follow. You have extremely poor communication skills and neither one of you is willing to change that.

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But, if you are interested in fixing this issue, here are a few helpful tips: Process your emotions first. Listen first, then speak. I Love You Relationships now. Love Dating Relationships Self Life.

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Relationships arent easy

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Relationships Aren’t Easy, But They’re Worth It