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His fiance is a girl who has been intimate with his sister while sleepwalking. Congratulations, Ruth Joffre, on this wonderful and powerful story.

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Somnambule, I called her. Somnambule pirouetting in the night. I shivered the first time I found her pressed against me in bed, her cold, insistent fingers working their way under my shirt. I thought it would embarrass him. He told me in confidence that it was time to either get married or break up. And yet she was the one who called to invite me to the wedding.

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When I pulled up in front of the house, I considered turning around and skipping their wedding entirely, but then a truck drove up beside me, and someone directed me toward the garages, and I reed myself to the fact that this was happening.

She was going to marry him right in front of me.

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Someone told me that he was in the back, helping put up the big tent, but when I arrived, six men were working together to drive metal stakes deep into the grass, and my brother was gone. A tall, silver-haired man in a gray button-down shirt took his place, watching the six men with an expression of disbelief and, it seemed, mild resentment.

This was his backyard, I realized.

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His daughter getting married, just two months after getting engaged. When he saw me, his face went blank, and his hands slipped out of his pockets so he could shake mine. Subscribers receive quality lists of upcoming deadlines for lit mags and contests, free fiction, and exclusive content regarding writing, craft, and interviews from established authors.

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Sex dating in Joffre

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