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Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that is caused by a type of bacteria called chlamydia trachomatis, says Sarp Aksel, M. It is most common in people under 25, and women make up more than 70 percent of reported cases, according to the CDC. The infection is carried in semen including pre-cum and vaginal fluids, and it is usually spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex with someone who has the infection, explains Jessica ShepherdM.

It can also be spread from toy Sex Kassel woman, genital-to-hand-to-genital contact, and even genital-to-hand-to-eyes contact. Chlamydia can infect the cervix, anus, urethra, and though rare, it can also infect the throat or eyes, she adds.

And the symptoms could be very dull for weeks or even months before you really notice them, she adds. While a lot of things can change how your discharge smells and looks, a stronger scented, yellow or green discharge may be an infection like chlamydia, says Aksel. If the infection is in the urethra, it can cause slight discomfort, burning, or pain while peeing.

Or you may feel like you need to go to the bathroom all the time, says Aksel. Here's how many women are actually having anal sex. If caught early enough, these symptoms are highly unlikely, but if the infection has been left untreated, chlamydia can spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes to cause something called pelvic inflammatory disease PIDwhich can lead to the scarring of fallopian tubes and even infertility, says Aksel. Even though you may not have heard of PID, nearly 1 million American women get it every year, according to the National Institutes of Health.

PID may cause pelvic or lower abdominal pain, he explains. Things like a new birth control method Sex Kassel woman cause spotting, but spotting between periods may be a of infection, especially in women who are not currently sexually active, says Whelihan. There are a few reasons that chlamydia may cause pain or bleeding during or after sex.

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For one, it can cause cervicitis, an inflammation of the cervix that may make it extra sensitive during penetrative intercourse, or cause bleeding after, says Whelihan. And if the infection has led to PID, sex may be less enjoyable. Usually, gynos will test their patients for the infection by using the same urine sample they use to test for pregnancy, or by using a speculum and swabbing at the time of a pap smear and then sending it off to the lab, says Whelihan.

Okay, so you have chlamydia. Now what? First things, first: breathe. But it can be cured easily the right treatment. Doctors treat chlamydia with oral antibiotics such as doxycycline Vibramycinazithromycin Zithromax and Sex Kassel woman Floxinsays Aksel. The treatment can consist of a single dose or a dose that you take for up to two weeks, depending on the type of chlamydia and your doctor's preferences.

Super-important: You should not have sex again until you and your sex partner s have completed treatment. If your doctor prescribes a single dose of medication, you should wait seven days after taking the medicine before having sex. If your doctor prescribes a medicine for you to take for seven days, you should wait until you have taken all of the doses before having sex, according to the CDC. Bless up. Unsurprisingly, abstinence is the most foolproof way to prevent chlamydia, says Ghodsi. Women who claim to be condom users may still be at risk for chlamydia, says Whelihan. The material of the condom also matters: Condoms should be made of latex or polyurethane not lambskin, and the condom packaging should say that it can Sex Kassel woman disease, according to the FDA.

So if you have a latex allergy, he recommends speaking with your health care provider about other options. But my boyfriend told me I was being paranoid, so I waited. A few weeks later I felt like my cervix was literally bubbling or passing gas, and got checked out.

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I should have gone to the doctor sooner because my instinct was right. My advice to any woman would be to take charge of her health by getting testedin a way I did not. Seek treatment, seek treatment for your partner or partners, and then continue enjoying your sex life.

But thankfully it's cured with some pills and I found out in time before it had any lasting damage. I learned from it and moved on But I still make sure to get checked annually just in case. But after going to the gynecologist for my annual visit, I found out I had chlamydia. My partner and I both took the antibiotics and it went away. Weight Loss. United States.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Masala Pepper And Cauliflower Omelet. Getty Images. The symptoms of chlamydia can include:. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Abnormal vaginal discharge. Painful or frequent urination. Rectal pain. Pelvic or lower abdominal pain. Spotting between periods. Pain or bleeding during or after sex. How Is Chlamydia Diagnosed? Chlamydia Treatment. How To Prevent Chlamydia.

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Sex Kassel woman

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