Sex right now car sex

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Sex in the car is one of the best sex adventures that one can have. A different place that is also restricted will open news ways to better and wild sex. Sex in the same place can get a tad boring. So the next time if you do not know where to have sex, we have already given you a good option and that is your car. However, there are couple of things that you need to know before you gook up in the car. So follow these tips to ensure that sex in car will be one of your best sex experiences.

Cars obviously come up with several in built accessories that you can use as sex accessory. Seat belts are one such accessory that you can make the most of. Add a touch of kinky to your sex adventure in the car with seat belt. For better and comfortable sex, sit on the passenger seat. You can turn on the ac for sometime but after a while a turn it off.

Sex is obviously steamier with all the heat and body sweat.

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Also when the temperature changes from cold to heat, the skin is also said to become upper sensitive. If you have a car that has a sunroof, then make the most of it and keep it open. Sit right below the sun roof and you can probably climb on top of your man. When you plan a car sex, it is always better to wear a skirt and ditch your underwear.

The sex can then be smooth. For car sex, the best position is the cow girl position where the woman is on the top and straddles her man. You can push the seat back and have to him just lay down comfortably.

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Now before you get all confused, you can use the rear view mirror and position it in such a way that it faces at you. You can catch glimpse of all your action and there is nothing hotter than that. This one is for safety purposes. Turn the car off and park it in a safe spot. The airbags can be a total mood killer, trust us. The best time to have sex in the car is after sunset. This way, chances of people spotting you are less. Also the temperature is usually a little cooler at night than at day.

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Mahinder Watsa! Follow these tips and sex in the car will hotter than you can imagine.

Sex right now car sex

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How To Have Sex In a Car