Single women in Laramie

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You can find all sorts of great things in Laramie, ranging from saddle shops to a vegetarian restaurant. But if you happen to be single, it can sometimes seem like you are the only one around. I'm here to tell you this is not the case, I myself am single and living in Laramie. Whether you're newly single, have always been single or just wish you were single, these are my top five places to meet singles in Laramie. They frequently bring in country bands to dance to on the weekends, have a hip-hop night with a DJ on Wednesdays and host a Fight Night about a once a month in which students from the University of Wyoming and WyoTech box each other.

No joke.

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Entertainment in every form can be found as culture seeps through the walls. The reason this location made my one spot is a line from the husband of one of my friends who said he doesn't go there now that he's married since the only reasons he ever went to the Cowboy were to get a girl or get in a fight. Cowboy tough with country swing. Because Laramie is a college town, this may seem like an obvious choice, but it's simply too good to leave off the list. The changes in parking for Cowboy football games are conducive to tailgating closer to War Memorial Stadium and Pepsi Tailgate Park is being redone as part of the construction of the Ford Stadium Lot.

Basically, opportunities for mingling abound before, during and after games. Excitement is in the air following the hire of Coach Larry Shyatt and many Wyoming fans can't wait to see what the new women's recruits will be able to do following the Cowgirls run in the WNIT last season.

Come on, I'm the girl host on Sportsline Live, it can't be a shock that athletic events are near the top of this list.

5 Surprising Reasons Why You're Single (Women's edition)

Bonus: You have an automatic icebreaker to talk to the person of your choosing. A mix of local and regional vendors fill the booths with goodies. In addition to organic and gluten free products, you can find plants, pastries and sweet awesome cuts of meat. The Farmers Market is the best excuse you've ever had to take a stroll downtown and actually check an errand off your to-do list. Bonus: Inviting someone to come along is quite easy. Offer to buy any item they pick, everyone will be able to find something they like.

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Games are played during weekday nights and league play usually lasts a couple of months with a tournament at the end. The time commitment is typically only one or two hours a week.

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Bonus: That little extra bit of movement every week can be quite good for your bod and we all feel more comfortable putting it out there when confident about the way we look. Although Laramie is not a big city, there are a ton of ways you can volunteer around town. There's even a "Singles Serving Laramie" group you can on Facebook. Or the University of Wyoming has a center for volunteer service which can plug you into pretty much every organization around.

The level of commitment is up to you, there's everything from SafeRide Sidekick to tutoring. Bonus: By participating in something you enjoy, Single women in Laramie certain to meet people with similar interests and meeting them in this kind of atmosphere may help them get to know a more relaxed and real you, especially if you're intimidated by or just bad at small talk or bantering. Flirting is always good, but being yourself is best. There it is, all my smooth moves out there for you to see. But hey, at least you can take it as a compliment if I invite you on my next trip to the Farmers Market!

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Single women in Laramie

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