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I was only eleven, after all. I just knew Jesus offered salvation, people needed to hear about it, and I wanted to go tell them. With laser focus, I prepared for life as a missionary. I involved myself in church outreach, attended college and seminary, satisfied work requirements, and met every condition the mission board had for new workers. I felt disappointed. Through prayer, I wrestled with the decision to go overseas as a single woman. I could continue walking down the path I was on, delay, or abort the plan altogether. Moving overseas as a single intimidated me, but the call to international mission work had a magnetic pull.

After careful consideration, I boarded the plane and stepped into the unknown. Not once have I regretted my decision to serve overseas. I am single, and I am tired. Most challenges I face on Single women in Mission field would exist if I were living in America. No matter where I live, I must find the energy to run errands and pay bills with no one to share the responsibilities with me.

In the developing country where I live, though, public transportation, language barriers, scarcity of goods, and people staring magnify the level of difficulty. Sometimes I wish I had a spouse to run errands so I could take a break. I am a minority on the mission field.

For example, field training for women missionaries often centers around families.

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Mothers advocate that having children makes them acceptable and relatable to the local people and attracts those people to the gospel. They are not wrong. Then one day, the folly of my thinking struck me. Scriptures like 1 Corinthians 7 reassured me that God has an important role for singles. If I could get those early years back, I would embrace my singleness and use it every day, unapologetically, for the glory of God. I want to accept who God created me to be and use it for good.

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When I seek out the positives of single life on the field, I find many. My local friends shower me with invitations. Many cultures view singleness as an oddity. Nonetheless, the local people where I live warmly invite me into their homes, their lives, and their circles of friends. Their small homes may not fit many guests, but they can squeeze in one extra person. This provides me many opportunities to share the gospel.

Strangers hoping to improve their English are far more likely to come up and talk when I sit alone at a coffee shop or fast food restaurant, as I often do. I can change my schedule on a whim.

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I once traveled to meet some church leaders in another city, expecting to return home later in the day. Instead, when they invited me to go with them to their village to lead Sunday school training and to stay in their homes for several days, I did. My married friends with children often engage in ministry by inviting people into their homes.

I do that sometimes too.

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Most of my ministry, however, takes place outside my homeā€”in villages, coffee shops, and schools. Working together, singles and married people can cover more ground and share the gospel in various venues.

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I model a lifestyle outside the norm. Most confront unfulfilled dreams and shattered expectations of what they wanted their lives to be. When they see that God helps me thrive amid un-asked-for circumstances, it encourages them to believe the same is possible for themselves. I have spent over two decades as a member of the international missions force. Right, should he exist, has not shown up yet. God works through all kinds of people to do all kinds of things for his kingdom. Emily Stockton lives overseas and writes for IMB.

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Single women in Mission

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