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Aside form ice accumulating around the wiper mechanism and seeing nothing from the windshield this car got me home in one of the worst snow storms I drove through. Oh, I didn't mean to drive this car today but my winter car blew a tire yesterday and I had no choice but to drive the E hoping that the snow would show up after I head home.

I was wrong, the snow showed up while at work and I ended up driving the E with SUMMER tires for 30 miles on a congested highway and another 5 miles of city driving up and down hills. The car's ability to control its fishtailing was what saved the day. I used that characteristic to propel it up hills while passing other rear wheel drive cars that were stuck. I basically drove most of the city miles in some form of controlled drifting. I didn't make it all the way home as traffic got worse and I had steeper hills ahead of me but I did manage to find parking in my neighborhood a couple blocks away from home.

I was wise enough to know my limits but I loved the fact that the car was so controllable. Oh, I have no ABS, traction control or any sophisticated stuff. Just an auto trans and responsive throttle.

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The rest was steering and feathering the throttle games. The essential thing is that I am safe at home and my wife is now making me a hot coco with double Scotch. ed Mar 16, Glad you made it home safe Drew. How do you guys live it that white stuff. I wouldn't know how to survive one winter.

I just went outside to get the mail, a nice 72 degrees. ed Dec 3, Man I completely disagree. This car sucks in snow Before anyone calls me out on not know how to do rwd on snow, I used to have a E30 for years and I would never be an issue. The Benz, is horrible to park in even the smallest snow banks Hoping to put some studded tires for next year. Maybe that will help. ed Dec 19, Tires are the key. I bought my first snow tires today- I usually use all season.

What a difference with the snow tires! ed Jul 20, We had a snow storm here in Oregon last February and both my MB got stuck. I finally got the out and it did well. There is no snow removal in my town at all so it was a couple feet deep and I had actually a lot of fun in the car. And my tires are basic all season. Like any rear wheel drive it'll do better with some weight in the boot. This is my w I couldn't get it out. ed May 26, What did Han Solo say? The only advantage a has over modern RWD cars is skinny tires.

Yes, it's true. Wide tires are useless on wet pavement. If your car has limited slip, that's one thing. But for the most part, a is a far cry Snowed inwant to chat 2230 an ideal snow car. If you have to deal with this sort of weather, stick with Subaru. One other tip The differentials are none to strong.

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I always found it strange knowing Germany gets lots of snow and MB really did almost nothing until the late 80s to make cars that did good in it. What the hell did they do before? ed Nov 3, The extra wheels do take up storage space, but the cars go better with snow tires. And extra weight in the trunk helps the !

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ed Apr 12, ed Aug 20, I had awesome winter tires on my 2. Never had any issues, never got stuck, and we always made it to our destination. ed Aug 23, I also found out that E is amazingly controllable in snow, with proper studded tires of course. It just so stable. It's the law to have snow tires here The car still blows in snow and street parking.

Next year studded tires for sure.

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Those with rear wheel drive put bags of sand in the trunk here. No road salt here but studded tires are allowed during winter months. With 3 rear wheel drive vehicles I want a 4 wheel drive. I don't think about it until the weather happens and that is at least once a year. Then I'm like oh crap. I'm looking at a 91 te 4matic.

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Needs a new transmission because reverse is out. I may pull the trigger. It has the m Really don't want to take on another project until my current one is wrapped up but the opportunity is presented now. I want to sell my e really badly.

ed Nov 26, I've gone 2 and a half winters with theand half a winter with a Mazda The had a lockout torque converter that was, surprise surprise, always locked. Not the best throttle response, so 2k drops into drive in the summer time. Didn't do any good at all into wintertime.

Got that stuck multiple times, even being fwd. My mother's Oldsmobile Delta 88 did about a million times better. The first half winter with the Benz was also with a slightly high idle, about rpms average. Little to no extra weight in the trunk It was horrendous. By the next winter time, I had new all-seasons in the back, and a subwoofer.

Still ended up with a high idle the first full winter, and had far too much fun, even with no heat in average 0F. This is my first winter in a more moderate climate, as I'm at college. Snow stays for a whole 2 or 3 days at a time, and then it's spring again. Have a different sub box, slightly better tires in the back, a second spare tire no rim, just rubberand a toolbox along with different fluids. When I went home to the 'bad' winter area with snowpack all over the road, I was able to still have fun with a little extra gas pedal, but it was extremely composed now that I have finally tamed the idle to The one time I got stuck, some idiot was pulled out to a one way on Snowed inwant to chat 2230 narrow side road to where I couldn't go through the already broken up stuff, and the rest was halfway up the grill.

Tldr; the E is a brilliant winter car as long as you have decent tires, extra weight in the back, and know where you can go. ed Jul 18, I have little winter driving experience because I am in Atlanta but drove our Sprinter out on the black ice we had last year. It snowed, melted then froze, then everyday the sun would melt that top layer as the temps hung around 30 degrees. Pretty bad stuff Snowed inwant to chat 2230 to my dad who is from Connecticut, went to undergrad near Boston and grad school in Minneapolis. The Sprinter, an unloaded RWD work van, probably weight distribution plus all seasons was not a good choice for the icy hills, had quite a bit of fishtailing going on but the traction control and my driving kept that thing on the road.

As for myI didn't drive it, which was because I didn't have any injectors in the engine at the time. I think it probably would not have done well in the snow, I did have a lot of weight in parts and tool in the trunk but my has no grip in the wet because of how much camber the rear wheels have from worn out springs, which are actually being replaced this week.

As a winter car though, the heater is fabulous. ed Aug 6, Wfanman: Remember also that the rear lower control arm bushings can wear out and be awfully detrimental to handling camberrrrrrrrrr. I haven't tried them on my E but we'll see next winter.

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