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By Tracey Davenport. Rick Springfield was a singer without a voice.

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Averaging five hours of sleep a night, he made the requisite stops on the talk-show circuit — Live! But it was the impromptu concert on a crowded Penn Station subway platform that likely did him in: Without the help of a microphone, he had to really belt it out in order to be heard over the rumble of the passing trains. So, with a performance on Good Morning America only 16 hours away, the Australian-born sometime-actor surrendered to a steroid injection and promised to keep schtum until after sunrise the next day.

Appropriately, the IFC theater was set to be filled with diehards, many of whom have supported him since the early s when he released his breakout album, Working Class Dogwhile playing heartthrob Springfield married women. Noah Drake on General Hospital. They were depending on his star power to garner attention for their feature, which has been lauded by Hot Docs and film fests from Florida to Nashville.

Inspired by a scene in the film, Caminer and Lentz-Janney pitched Springfield on attending the IFC screening to silently lead the audience in a game of Ricktionary, a version of Pictionary favored by fans on the annual Rick Springfield Cruise. The singer obliged, and a few hours after the steroid shot he was at the IFC, standing at an easel with an oversized sketch pad and drawing illustrations of his song titles for the mostly forty-something fans to identify.

Those who guessed correctly went home with the artwork, autographed by their idol. Canceling was never an option, Springfield explained the next day.

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How and why? And you tend to be a little [bit of a] user with fans. You meet a girl at a gig, and you do it.

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I know guys who will sleep with a girl and then have a roadie come and throw her out so they can get to sleep. And I love women. And I let them know that. Springfield: Taking a break. So I started going to deep Jungian therapy for about five years, and it changed me and made me human again.

Then [in the mids] I started to go back to playing, and I was really scared. I had come off of people screaming and yelling, and the shows being really high-energy. I am forever thankful that those people stayed with me.

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THR: The film shows you going out of your way for your fans, even playing in torrential rains when there was a tornado threat. Springfield: I hate canceling. Springfield : I never knew when they were going to show up, the documentary people. THR: And at what could have been a disastrous gig! Springfield : No, because I like to take those kinds of things by the balls. This is what I did with the subway thing.

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I cannot not play the hardest that I can. But the filmmakers told me that she was off-limits to them.

How do you know a married woman is interested in you? - 10 Clear Signs a Married Woman Likes You

How did you feel when you saw that scene with her crying? Springfield : Oh, I fell in love again. We were at a really bad point in our relationship at one time.

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We went to a really great Jungian therapist, and I was like, This is just not working out. We need to find a way to end this properly.

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Is there more acting in your future? Springfield: Absolutely. The writers are hot young guys, and they loved my Californication episodes. A lot of artists from your generation make good money just doing concert tours playing their greatest hits, while you continue to write and record new music. I was never the guy who put up the platinum and gold records around the house. Any time I got any of those, I stuck them in a box and put them outside.

Our show feels very vibrant, and this record sounds modern because I look forward. Springfield: People are always surprised. I have some chops. Twitter: THRMusic. October 16, pm. Related Stories. All Rights reserved.

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Springfield married women

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