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We analyze whether different identities women hold change their experience of the workplace. Fifteen percent of the remaining rank is based on how well represented women are in the workforce and throughout management, taking into industry trends. Companies with 10 to people are considered for the small and medium segment; companies with or more employees are considered for the large category.

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Small And Medium. What employees are saying. The culture of Hilton truly has a family atmosphere. I feel that Hilton genuinely cares for their team members and is modeled on all levels of management; from the Executive team to the property level. The Executive team and company as a whole cares about each individual personally as much as they do professionally. Ultimate Software is a place that truly cares about its employees and puts people first. I have never felt so inspired by a company to better myself and better the community and local charities. They are open to moving you around within the company if you want a different challenge or direction.

They embrace the idea that putting their employees in engaging and fulfilling situations is beneficial for the employees and for them. Target understands that team members have home lives, personal passions and ambitions. Target respects these human aspects of its employees and offers the flexibility to pursue a balance between work and life that is energizing and fulfilling.

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I am treated like a professional and given a lot of tools to be effective at my job. I get the support I need from management without micromanaging. I love the family atmosphere of the employees. Even if you are on the phone with an employee you don't know, it still feels like family. A truly unique quality!! I love how many women work at the company - it's very empowering to see women in management positions.

Edward Jones provides all of the resources I need to make a meaningful impact in my community and for my own family.

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I am so grateful to be part of this organization. I am supported as my whole self at work. I am valued as a whole person, not just as my "work self" but the company has an understanding that they employ whole people who are uniquely suited to do the work they do because of this uniqueness. The atmosphere is like no other.

I enjoy working with all of the employees. I have gained new friendships that will last a lifetime. Employees at all levels are given total access to management, encouraged to provide input into many aspects of the company, and are supported in the work they do as well as their professional growth. It feels like family. I couldn't be happier and would recommend anyone apply here. I'm able to telecommute full time, which increases my focus and productivity and allows me the flexibility to be with my family when I am needed. The culture at Asana is one of the best I've experienced.

All employees work together respectfully and everyone is encouraged to bring their full selves. I also feel like it's easy to make a big impact here - regardless of role or "level" or team. The culture at Progressive is one that embraces everyone's differences and is always striving to be better in everything we do and are. Hiring women who are full-time Moms is unique. The company atmosphere is absolutely amazing.

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The people make work fun and exciting. It makes me want to work harder. I generally feel very fulfilled with my work, supported personally and professionally by my colleagues, and impressed by the level of transparency and inclusion in growing the business, decision making and access to leadership. You have a collection of incredibly intelligent people who are curious, determined, and driven, but also deeply care about life outside of work.

Everyday I come to work excited and motivated by those I work with. It's a friendly place to work where everyone's ideas are heard, and managers acknowledge our outside lives as being important. No matter what team I've been apart of, I've always felt like family. If I or a team member has had a hardship outside of work, we all come together to support one another.

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My manager is truly dedicated to my success. Each member of our team is truly important and treated that way. They have a strong leadership presence, but truly encourage individuals and the many different ways people do things. People come first. They genuinely care about their employees and understand the importance of family.

The support given when you have a family situation is like nothing I have ever seen before. I was injured at home for a year and a half and Amex worked with me every step of the way. It has made me extremely loyal to this company that I was treated as a human being, not another. It's the energy they put into their people. I'm so proud to work here and put in the work to contribute to overall profitability. This company understands and appreciates the importance of creating a positive, friendly and respectful environment where the people make a difference. The culture here is like nothing I've ever experienced.

People celebrate the successes of others here. There is a very positive and supportive culture here. I've loved working here from day one and have enjoyed personal and professional growth. Hyatt does do a great job of recognizing that colleagues need to put their families first and strive to make schedules amenable to that. The company culture feels like a college campus where everyday you are going to work with your friends, and actually enjoy being there.

I can ask questions and have open and honest discussions without judgment, and I feel as though I am supported in my role to make meaningful contributions. The perks are endless and there is a genuine emphasis on work-life balance. They care about you and understand any familial or special circumstances that may arise. Higher management knows you - you aren't just another face in an office. If you are in a meeting with executives, you are treated as an equal immediately.

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Your input is valued in every situation. Also, if you want to work your way up, the company provides the tools and resources for you to do that. Granite is an amazing place to work! Employees are empowered to make decisions, speed to execution is much quicker than larger organizations, we are encouraged to think innovatively and are supported to try new initiatives. The people at Insight Global genuinely care about one another in and outside of the office which has created more of a family rather than a business.

Sprout is the first company where I felt truly cared for as a person not just as an employee. I feel proud to work for such a wonderful company. Everyone is nice and supportive of each other. Benefits are amazing and I find senior leadership to be accessible and down-to-earth.

I also really like how diverse our company is.

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Everyone seems very happy to come to work everyday. We practice radical honesty with each other in the workplace and it lends itself to a very open, transparent and encouraging community where we all feel supported to grow and do our best work. My particular management staff are very supportive of my position and do not micromanage my work, allowing me the freedom and responsibility to prioritize my daily work flow efficiently. This isn't a job, this is a career. I plan on staying with Sage Intacct until retirement, and I am decades away from it right now.

I love our team! We strive to provide an environment for people to flourish. This is for all people from the newest intern to senior management. We recognize our people are our most important asset. The people truly make the difference at Texas Health. Everyone you come across has such a high level of knowledge and expertise in the work that they do. There is a sense of pride in that work. Venterra has many ways for the individual to be heard regardless of their position within the organization. You do not see that at other management companies.

Everyone here is engaged, intellectual, and willing to help their colleagues out. I feel like I have a huge support network of people willing to vouch for me and provide assistance if I need it. I feel extremely fortunate to work at this company! Everyone genuinely cares about the people in the office and our clients. I have never seen a more genuine group of people who legitimately want to see others succeed.

It is extremely refreshing to work for this type of organization. The flexibility!

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No vacation policy and complete understanding when you need to take care of your children. They just trust in their employees that they will get the work done, and done well. BH really feels like family. The company as a whole truly cares about their employees. I love that upper management is down to earth and easy to talk to. I love that everyone is celebrated on their birthdays, and that everyone has the chance to be recognized for their hard work.

Opportunities are available to everyone This gives us a chance to interact with a mixture of individuals. The people are the most hard working and dedicated I have ever encountered in my career. They make this place special and knowing I can count on them makes me more successful at my job. Our company leaders are very open and transparent. The lowest level employee can make a ificant impact and be recognized. For a large, geographically dispersed company, I feel connected and know what's going on. I have never felt so much a part of a company as I do in Want a woman 2 work 2gether with.

I feel like I truly belong, make a difference, and am valued. I feel as if my successes are noticed and rewarded, my failures are learning opportunities, and my peers and managers care. Slalom's culture has stood the test of time; I believe it is because we each subscribe to our core values and hold one another able to them. It makes a company that is growing exponentially continue to feel intimate and connected. Employee Resource Groups are a pivotal part of employees having a place to feel included or participate in meaningful ways.

Messages about inclusion and change come from the executive level and drive down to every employee. A sense of family. A closeness that has meaning to not only work well together but to do so with a caring side. When you need assistance, there are people you can count on. Bell Bank is the best place to work. They make us feel valuable and an integral part of the company's overall success.

Want a woman 2 work 2gether with

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