Wanted swing dance partner

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High Wycombe WA Female, Hi, I am seeking a Male partner for jiving and ballroom dancing between ages 65 and I do some Jiving and ballroom dancing and would like to do more dancing on weekends.

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I have done some lessons and have been dancing since my teens. I also do line dancing, but love my jiving and ballroom. I pick up steps easily, am active and want to do more partner dancing to get more experience and enjoyment.

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I'm 15 years old and I beginner in ballroom. I am looking for a partner, I am willing to do any style of ballroom dancing. I am available Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's and the weekend. Preferably the location to be in Victoria around Endeavor hillsBentley, Hallam and anywhere around there.

Waverley NSW Female. Looking for a dance partner for social dancing and maybe competing. I enjoy street salsa dancing, can dance bachata as well.

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Wandi WA Female, Sydney NSW Female, Hi, I am looking for someone to practice ballroom and latin dancing, happy just to practice but I would love to get into competing. I have recently started Ballroom and Latin and I am loving it! At the moment I am learning American style, but happy to do International as well. Overall I am just a happy person that wants to dance, hit me up and lets have a chat! Available during the day everyday and evenings Monday to Wednesday.

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Penrith NSW Male, Looking at getting back into ballroom and Latin dancing. Would like to start competing again but ok for socials too :. Have been dancing for many years but am willing to continue to learn and practice with a beginner if keen and serious about dancing and learning. Chisholm NSW Female, I am looking into learning fun dance but only available on fridays between 9 and 4. I'd like to learn swing or salsa or any high energy Wanted swing dance partner really. Just looking to have some fun with it. Bendigo VIC Male, I've done a bit of ballroom and Latin dancing, both in Melbourne and Bendigo.

I also would be interested in having a dance partner for rock n roll as I like it and have learned jive. Interested in having a dance partner who I can meet at venues or I'm happy to drive us both to and from. Interested in gaining skills from lessons and dancing at social activities with a dance partner.

I'm a divorced man and only interested in dancing and platonic friendship. I'm a retired man, so am available to dance on most days and evenings. Locations that are close to me are anywhere in Greater Bendigo. Adelaide SA Female. Hi I am a 58 year old lady. Recomencing ballroom after a long break.

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Looking for dance partner in Northern Adelaide. Available some week nights and some weekends. Currently having lessons at Para Hills. Would like to attend social dancing at Modbury. Dancing Australia wide - profile s. Home Dancing. Australia wide - profile s. Millicent wilson May Dancing -Beginner Wandi WA Female, 67 would like to find a dance partner doing rock and roll dancing for 6 months and I'm available weekends Tuesday Thursday any day infact You might be interested in:. Don't show this popup again.

Wanted swing dance partner

email: [email protected] - phone:(932) 618-5093 x 8782

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