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I n a survey conducted by The Boar, The survey was conducted to ascertain whether students felt there was a strong link between SRE taught at school and an understanding of consent. Among the students asked, 6. However, many students commented on their experiences of an ineffective, and in some cases harmful, experience of SRE. One student, who attended an independent Catholic school, spoke about their experiences of SRE at secondary school.

Everyone who answered yes was taken into a room and lectured on the pro-life argument. Instead, it is unaddressed. Education could make much more of an attempt to negate the rape culture innate in our society. The survey also found that only Students who partook in the investigation were asked what could be improved in SRE at school, or within the university itself.

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Several students suggested that the university should implement compulsory consent education, and that SRE should have a heavier focus on relationships and female pleasure. All students should have the right to a full education; and this should be a part of it.

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It Happens here is a Warwick society providing a community for sexual violence survivors. You begin to question how much sex has actually been consensual. If everything is really emotional and stigmatised from the beginning, it stops this conversation which is awful.

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Shame on You Warwick also offered a comment on the correlation between SRE throughout school and issues of consent at university. Some countries, such as Sweden or Holland, teach sex education from the age of four, encouraging healthy attitudes towards sexuality and gender.

Rape Chat Scandal That Rocked Warwick University (Documentary) BBC Stories

Furthermore, we are taught nothing about topics surrounding sex which are deemed as taboo, perhaps because our teachers were not knowledgeable about them. Sex is not just something that happens between two people in the bedroom; it is a huge part of society.

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They offer active bystander training and information on consent. For anyone who has been affected by the issues raised in this article, there are lots of places you can turn to for help and support.

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Warwick Wellbeing Support Services are available through the Wellbeing Portal, online or over the phone. NHS Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust are offering online or over the phone urgent support for anyone suffering from mental health issues. More information can be found on their website.

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Charities such as MIND also have information, guidance and support available online. By Ellie MacArthur.

Warwick sex phone

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