When do you want me there

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Lyrics Artists add. The Dismemberment Plan 11 Comments 0 Tags. I lost my membership card to the human race So don't forget the face Because I know that I do belong here Go down the checklist let's see: Feelings are good Dishonesty is bad And keeping it inside is worse still You want a problem well I guess we got one now I really don't know how There's injuns over every goddamn hill What do you want me to say? What do you want me to do? To let you know that I do mean it What do you want me to say?

To let you know that I do mean it What do you want me to say, yeah? I see it coming from a million miles away What else can I say? The only way you know that I love you And there's no eye-to-eye just Moses on the mount Or I'm in for the count You need your man above or below you I cannot cry at will but I do wish I could Cause it'd do you some good When every joke I make is treason There was a time when you could make me laugh at will And you can do it still But never is it for the right reasons, yeah What do you want me to say?

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General Comment Hmmmm While it is relatively public knowledge that Travis leans towards the right politically and is a practicing Christian he's blogged about Church choir practice, I was told that he was in a disintegrating relationship during the recording of the album. This lead to his then girlfriend breaking up with him, over the phone, just as he was set to lay down the vocal track to this particular song.

They actually reference that exact event in the liner notes to the recent vinyl reissue of the album. That is the beauty of his lyrics, though But I do, honestly believe it's a breakup song. No Replies Log in to reply.

There was an error. As he prepares to reassimilate himself with people he recalls his priorities: having feelings good, dishonesty bad, holding back worst, i. The next verse is more concrete and specific. His girlfriend distrusts him. The obscure verses take some unraveling but the music is so immediate that the song is very probably the most cathartic on the whole album. Operarational on January 12, Link. General Comment It's obviously a song about a guy having problems with his girlfriend It also sounds like he could have lied to her at some point.

General Comment i think the lyrics come second to dp songs behind the music, funky and original, its quality man! General Comment Feelings are good Dishonesty is bad And keeping it inside is worse still If you want problems well I guess we got one now It's probably about some contradicting and difficult girlfriend. I cannot cry at will but I do wish I could? Cause it? Right on. This song kicks my ass. It's great. General Comment It seems like he's trying to show this person probably his girfriend that he has a emotions, and isn't just trying to hide everything he feels.

At the same time, the line You need your man above or below you makes me think it's just about a girlfriend who either needs a boyfriend who's perfect and sort of looks up to, or she needs one that she considers pathetic and that she can sort of make fun of. I'm not sure where this version of the lyrics is from, but I always thought listening to the song that the line during the chorus was "To let you know that I do mean it" not "To let you know that I do When do you want me there and. General Comment cman is right, the line is "to let you that I do mean it" and not "that I do feel and" alishajane on June 21, Link.

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General Comment 66exeter fucked up all these lyrics. He probably downloaded the shit instead of actually buying the CD, which has all the lyrics printed in plain english General Comment haha couldBanyone is so righteous mikematyus on October 08, Link.

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My Interpretation I don't think it's limited to just his relationship with one person. It reminds me of when I was lonely for a long period of time. Eventually you realise that your misanthropy drove you to this low point where you can't find any love or attention, you want to give it another chance.

But it is really difficult to make new connections when you don't have any at all, and you question what made them leave you behind. Operarational has a good analysis though. Artists - D. Rate These Lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More The Dismemberment Plan Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist.

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When do you want me there

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