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Women ONLY! In the eyes of the beholder Looking for one very confident, cute, well-educated girl to explore something with. Not bondage or pain or physical domination in the traditional "bdsm" chains and whips way. But rather emotional and physical submission a little more gently defined. This is what I imagine; but whatever evolves will certainly be unique and I can't imagine every possibility. We get to know each other a bit. Over first. If we're comfortable with that, meet for drinks. Talk more, get to know each other, flirt.

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Not in the usual we're-learning-about-each-other first phase of dating way, although I certainly would want to know something about the "real" you at least the you that you present to the world everyday. But rather in a sexually-charged way; ideally we'd become comfortable talking to each other about what we want sexually. And, ideally, since this is what I'm looking for after all, what you're looking for is to explore a side of your sexuality you rarely, if ever, do.

Gentle submissiveness. It might begin small. It might stay small forever. Which might be fine. Or it might fizzle out right away, if we don't have the right chemistry. But "small" might mean that maybe I text you during the day and tell you to masturbate at work. Or go without your bra the rest of the day. Or make an obvious pass at that guy at work that you've always thought was hot but were reluctant to say anything to, despite your inner kinkiness.

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With your inner kinkiness being released, you now might have the nerve to. Throughout and this could last weeks or months or longer, I really have no ideawe'd once in a while get together for drinks, talk, flirt; since this would be you submitting to me, after all, rather than some totally anonymous thing. Maybe we'd kiss and pet. Maybe I'd tell you to give me your panties.

Maybe we'd just take a walk, knowing the secrets that we do.

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Something "bigger" that might evolve is something more explicitly sexual between the two of us. In addition to everything else, maybe I'll you and tell you I need my cock in your mouth, which you would want to oblige. The hot young professional leaving work for an hour so she can go suck her master's cock. Maybe we'd go to a movie and I'd finger you, you cumming silently. Maybe we'd go to a nice dinner together, get ourselves worked up, and come back to your place or mine and fuck each crazy all night, sipping wine and being romantic and perverted at the same time, fucking on the balcony, the kitchen, the shower, my cum all over you.

Maybe we'd never get to the "bigger" phase. Which might be fine; as I said, I don't really know how it'd go, it would depend on the dynamics that evolve. And I would never put you in an embarrassing or compromising situation, either personally or professionally. But if this would go anywhere beyond just a few s and perhaps meeting once for drinks, you would want, inside of yourself, to try something like this. In one sense, the direction of sexual power would go from me to you. In another sense, of course, it would go the other way. A well-educated perhaps even over-educatedprofessional, petite, girl with a lot of racy thoughts is who I'm looking to meet.

I'm a well-educated perhaps even over-educatedprofessional, good-looking guy with a lot of racy thoughts. Load More Profiles Sex women ready adult singles, lonely Women want real sex Artondale search woman looking for man. Women wants sex tonight Buechel Swm 52 seeking something more I am an easy-going Swm never married I am a little bit chunk I my head and I wear a mustache and goatee. I'm a little quiet and somewhat shy.

I find it difficult to talk to women I never know what to say or talk about. So I am hoping to meet a women who can get the conversation moving when a lull happens. I just don't need to talk just to talk. I would love to meet a women who loves to laugh and have a good time but is also somewhat of a home body. I like and Women want real sex Artondale and am a rock roller at heart so occasional concerts are part of my life.

I like the but I'm more of the a middle of the week afternoon movie guy instead of friday or saturday night. I would love to meet someone to off road with I would love to explore around Nevada and Tahoe and would love to meet someone to explore with. I love the stuff thats not touristy. I am also seeking someone thats real. I want to talk to and meet someone what doesn't want me to up to some to talk to her. If you are that Real Women and you liked what I said or would like to do the same things I like say hi. Tell me about yourself.

Ask me something. Good luck All.

Women want real sex Artondale

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