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Vice News Tonight correspondent Elle Reeve elspethreeve spent last weekend embedded with the organizers of the "Unite the Right" rally.

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The minute documentary she aired takes viewers inside the movement, and features the voices of the event's leaders, including white supremacist Christopher Cantwell. So, instead of burning crosses, they have a media strategy. They wanna look like victims, they wanna look like the police is shutting them down, they wanna look like the city is shutting them down. That makes it seem like their ideas are so powerful and so dangerous that the establishment can't stand to have people say them publicly, because others will start to follow them.

On white supremacists borrowing from the camaraderie of the left.

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And so, finally coming together and being part of the physical space really is emboldening for them. It makes them feel good to know that there are others who are willing to show their face and say they believe in these things. They think that the media inundates people with messages that women should sleep with minorities instead of white men, that white men are goofy, are doofuses.

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There's this sitcom dad stereotype of the hapless white male. And so, they're very focused on reproduction and creating more Aryan babies.

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These guys have been online for a long time, saying these horrible things in message boards, but it's slowly building up to be more and more public. They also have a huge network of podcasts — some of them havelisteners a week — that say very, very hateful, violent things about minorities, women, Jews.

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And so, saying it on camera is just one more step forward. They are going after the college educated, the tech-savvy, the media-savvy. And you could see that in the march. I heard that from all kinds of friends, like, 'They look just like a regular guy, they look like someone I know. I think it's really important to show exactly what they believe, that this is not just being anti-[politically correct], or angering the scolding, liberal, feminist teachers.

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They believe really terrible things, and in order to fight their arguments, we have to know what they are. This article was originally published on August 17, Close close Donate.

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Women want sex Charlottesville

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