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Patricia Dixon entered he clubhouse still glowing from her well-played round. Within earshot was an older man seated at another table.

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Tilting his head back, he looked down his nose at Patricia. He nodded with recognition-apar-5, about yards from the red tees.

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She turned to answer. The other-men guffawed, the heartiness of their laughter contagious. Building the trust that makes a Business relationship takes time. And many in business have found that the average four-hour round of golf affords plenty of opportunity to entertain clients, strengthen business relationships, establish esprit de corps among business associates, make new business contacts-and have fun doing it. In a recent survey, one male executive out of eight considered golf to be more important than sex. Corporations regard employees who play golf as networking assets and reward them with company-sponsored tournaments, club memberships, resort vacations and other golf-relat-ed perks.

Women in golf have lagged behind women in the boardroom, but their s are quickly catching up. Close to 40 percent of all new golfers are women. And women executives in particular are Mocking to the sport, Half of all adult women golfers hold college degrees and occupy managerial, professional and administrative positions. Who is the executive woman golfer? She took up the game at about age 37 and has honed her game to a handicap of 26, only 10 strokes more per round than the average male player. But executive women golfers Women want sex Country Club an even bigger handicap-old-fashioned attitudes about this male-dominated game that can be inhospitable to women.

The variety of hazards faced by executive women golfers ranges from being fitted incorrectly for equipment to having limited access to tee times. She came in with brand-new clubs and then could not hit the ball. I knew immediately what was wrong…. She had been told that she needed shorter clubs because she was new to the game! What were they thinking? Her business gives women a place of their own to shop for golf clothing and equipment.

If she is a beginner, we show her how to swing a club. Women need to be welcomed into the sport to spend their money there. Under the rules of private clubs, the membership, or the board of directors, can vote on the rules of play-including restricted tee times for women.

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So the executive woman golfer is caught between the sand and the water. On the golf course, colored tees placed so many yards apart post starting points for each player: the golds, furthest from the green, are for championship play; blues for expert; whites for the average strong player; and reds for the higher handicappers. Most men play from the blues and the whites, while most women, seniors and juniors play from the reds. Many women players also play from the whites.

A handicap is the average of strokes-and thus time-it takes a player to finish the course over par. The ladies were a part of the whole concept, and it has worked.

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She wrote to club manager Gary Proud in February protesting being denied a tee time on the Masters course one Saturday before noon. At least 10 states-although not Texas- have laws pending to make this kind of gender discrimination illegal.

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But as other states look into legislation to solve the problem and Brookhaven takes positive action to end gender-based discrimination, other area private clubs continue to dig in their cleats. Prestonwood Country Club operates two courses, the Creek and the Hills, but denies women tee times on both courses until noon on Saturdays and on one course until noon on Sundays. Clearly, two hours of restriction for men is nothing compared with 12 hours or more of restricted tee times for women per week, especially at prime playing times. I mostly played on the weekdays, so the Saturday thing was not such an issue.

Then I was promoted to an internal staff position and could only play golf on the weekends. She defends the club but admits disappointment with the continuing policy of restricted tee times.

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And a large [of the members that I play golf with] would like to see the policy changed. Miller Interests, explains. Former Prestonwood member Judy Bell disagrees. I was not told about the restrictions and did not find it out until later.

At Brookhollow Country Club, women are not allowed to play until after p. Royal Oaks Country Club denies women course access between a. The newer private clubs north of LBJ Freeway are hardly more hospitable to women players. Gleneagles Country Club offers two courses to play. Our approach is to build a consensus.

So we have to do things a step at a time. For one thing it is the right thing to do. The other reason is avarice and greed! But despite having the income to do so, women are not ing private clubs in record s. Only 33 percent of executive women belong to private clubs, but they spend 75 percent of their playing time at public, upscale fee-for-play courses.

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The economic impact to private clubs is great when businesswomen are made to feel unwelcome. Restricted tee times seem likely to continue until private club memberships feel the economic pinch of disapproval as well as the twinge of conscience. Hospitable places to play and ready-made playing partners across the country are just some benefits offerered by these leagues, which are springing up nationwide.

Tournaments are arranged on women-friendly, public, upscale, fee-for-play and a few private club courses to give the members more playing exposure, an added benefit to those unaffiliated with a private club. If we are ing the club for business opportunities, we need to also be willing to mentor other women players.

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Our organization focuses on developing those players properly, so that some of the other issues will take care of themselves. It is also a time-intensive pursuit, and the learning curve is steep. Voted one of themost women-friendly golf coursesby Golf For Women magazine, theFour Seasons has -care centeron site for golfing mothers andfathers. Facilities for men andwomen are mirror images, with nodisparity in amenities for eithergender. Browse all newsletters here. Related Content.

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Women want sex Country Club

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