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How to diagnose colon cancer?


Colon cancer is the most common cancer disease that occurred to people in many countries. This cancer is a treatable and preventable disease. A colorectal cancer screening in Singapore is the best way to prevent or remove them before it develops.

People need to take screening tests even without any signs or symptoms. Finding colon cancer at the earliest stage increases the possibility of curing. It also reduces the death rate due to colon cancer. In individuals, colon cancer starts at age of 45, and people with a family history create an improved result for cancer.

Diagnosis of colon cancer

If you have symptoms of colon cancer, colorectal cancer screening in Singapore recommends some common test procedures for treatment.

  • Colonoscopy
  • Blood test


This test uses a long, flexible, slender tube, attached to a video camera. It monitors the entire colon and rectum for the symptoms of cancer in the suspicious area. The experts can pass the surgical tools through the tools to take tool samples from the colon for analysis and removal.

Blood test

A blood test is not to identify colon cancer. It is conducted to get information about the overall health of your body like kidneys, livers, and other body parts functions. They also check for the chemical products in the blood to ensure colon cancer. Your blood sample helps the doctor to understand the prognosis, whether the cancer cell is responding to treatment or not, and what kind of treatment is needed to be done.


Once the experts identified colon cancer in your body, the next step is to check the stage of the cancer. So, the doctors can determine the treatment appropriate for you. It includes imaging the abdominal areas, and pelvic, and chest CT scans. For some people, the colon cancer cell is not completely cured even after the surgery.

Colon cancer varied from 0 to 4; at the initial stage, cancer can be limited and cured. But by increasing stage, at stage four it will become more advanced. It may spread to other areas of the body and cause various effects, even death for individuals.